A chance of a lifetime

Jul 27, 2016
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As we near the end of the summer, we also start tuning in to watch our countries Olympic and Paralympic heroes take flight. The flight is a culmination of a four year journey that many people start and but not everyone finishes. What is unknown is the painful and arduous journey to get there. What starts as a dream turns into a quest to go where you have never gone and achieve what has only been dreamed in a vision.  

When we realize that our dream can be achieved something starts to happen to us. We become narrow minded. We become so focused that anything that is not directed to our athletic journey is irrelevant and obsolete. It is as if the athlete has lost who they are as a person and become driven with a powerful intensity that can burn you if you get to close. It is an intensity that can be felt and seen with great admiration. It can also be a little bit intimidating.

What is going on with the athlete is the fulfillment of who they are as a person at this time in their life. Sometimes many of us wonder why we are on this earth. What is our purpose?  Well, our Olympic and Paralympic athletes have found that answer.

The answer is in the journey of completing this dream. The athlete has gone to a place within themself that they did not know existed. Once they have discovered this place, they don’t want it to end. Unfortunately, they may never be there again. This is the scary part.

As we begin to watch our Olympic and Paralympic heroes find the answers to complete their journey, know that it is truly one of the most unique experiences that a person can ever have. I know many people say marriage is important and it is! Others say becoming a parent is a huge accomplishment and it is! However, being selected to represent our country in the biggest stage in the world? Well, that only happens once every 4 years, but it is the chance of lifetime that only few will get to experience.

Incredibly, what if you fulfill your goal? What if you don’t medal? What if you do medal? What happens to the athlete? Will they have found their purpose in this world? Yes, they have, because they have completed the journey. The journey is not always going to be the medal. Either way, you will have earned what you deserve. What has happened is that the athlete will have accomplished what many never will, win or lose. They will competed at the highest stage. Most importantly, they will have done what many of us on this planet will never get to do. Dream and live to tell about it!

Author: Bob Lujano

  • Alex X. Martinez

    I can’t even imagine what these athletes are feeling when fulfilling their dreams. It probably means a lot more if the road to the journey is arduous and complicated. Many athletes from countries whit limited resources or countries with resources that negate to invest in sports and athletics have to find their own sponsorship or work and train at the same time. To me these athletes are already gold medalist whether they medal or not.

  • bobl07

    A journey would not be as sweet without some barriers to overcome.