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Jun 17, 2016
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This is the story of how a little boy name Xavier aka Xavi (sa-bi) changed my life forever. Major life events such as marriage, divorce, job promotion, graduation and others can bring many lifestyle changes that could potentially turn your life around. I recently became a new dad and experiencing fatherhood for the first time made me realize that life will be completely different from now on. It took me a while to realize how different life was going to be, but day by day I am faced with new experiences that are challenging but also rewarding in this new stage of my life.

In preparation to Xavi’s birth I did what every new dad would do. I got a better job, moved to a new house, painted his nursery, went to many baby showers, bought way too many baby clothes and most importantly I read the book “The Expectant Father.” I must confess that I was forced to read it.  At this point I felt ready to be a dad, and I foolishly thought that I was an expert at being a dad. To my surprise I was completely wrong. I can recall exactly two pivotal moments for me as new dad that brought a whole new life perspective. The first moment was seeing the heroic act of a woman having a baby. I promised to not complain about pain ever again which at my age ___ (insert number here) is pretty common. I am currently doing a standing ovation to all the mommas out there. The second moment was the time I met the baby for the first time. It changed the way I look at life and from this point on my priorities changed. I experienced love at first sight and it wasn’t about me anymore. Family became my primary priority.

My life goal is to be a part on my boy’s life and to do everything in my power to raise a good man that is a positive influence in our society. I realize that to accomplish that I need to have optimal health. I have been physically active, but as we grow up and our responsibilities accumulate, engaging in physical activity is not as easy as it used to be. Your new baby needs almost constant attention and care. The dad’s eating and sleeping schedule no longer matters.

But I am planning on being in my child’s life until he gets annoyed by my presence. In order to do that, I need to be a priority as well. My plan is to continue to be physically active along with eating a healthy diet. A recent study by Craig F. Garfield, an associate professor in Pediatrics-Hospital-Based Medicine and Medical Social Sciences at Northwestern University, has shown that young males’ body mass index (BMI) numbers actually do increase during the transition from adolescence to fatherhood. There is also a recent trend called the “Dad Bod” where larger physiques in younger men are accepted and encouraged by the public. “Dad Bod” could lead to high cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes.  Although I believe in personal acceptance of whom and what we are, the “dad bod” trend is just another excuse to avoid efforts to be healthy. Optimal health and wellness is a lifelong commitment and this new trend intends to stop our efforts to be healthy.

Hopefully this blog piece will encourage new dads to engage in healthy lifestyles and to do everything possible to avoid the “dad bod.” Every effort towards good health will be appreciated by your little ones. They will let you know their appreciation with plenty of smiles, kisses, hugs and an occasional dirty diaper. Happy Father’s Day!

Author: Alex X. Martinez

  • bobl07

    I did not know this. Thanks for sharing the knowledge. I know pregnancy can be a tough time but t seems that exercise is still very important for both parents, especially during this time.

  • Eileen Valentin

    Its hard to find time to train and stay healthy when you are a parent. But IS NOT Impossible. It keeps us healthy, we relieve our stress and most important, we serve as an example to our kids. I applaud you!!! And keep away from the “Dad Bod”!! Saludos desde Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico.

  • Alex X. Martinez

    I agree 100% with you and I can see that you and JM lifestyle has influence your daughters to live a healthy life. Bravo super couple. You both are very inspiring. Saudos desde Alabama.

  • Alex X. Martinez

    Thanks Bob for your comments. Very true we should approach health as a family goal and work together to achieve that goal and to maintain optimal health.