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Apr 22, 2016
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Do you have a job? I am sure that many of us do. I am sure there are many of us that love to work at their jobs. Conversely there are many Americans that do not like to work. Being a person with a disability, I have to work. Yet, many with disabilities do not get this opportunity.

I have fortunately been employed for the last 20 years. As a matter of fact, I started working at 16 as soon as I was eligible to work. I will never forget the day that my day took his only son with a disability to sign up for work at the Texas Department of Human Services. He said that “now that you are old enough, it is time to start to make your own way.”

Now I know that many people with disabilities struggle to find work. We have 56 plus million people with disabilities and 70% are not employed. This number has been about the same for a while. However, we have seen some changes.

Almost about a year ago, our executive office made a statement that we need to start to employ more people with disabilities. Federal officials have been keeping stats on disability employment since 2008. So, there is now a way to track monthly employment. Interestingly, the disability employment rate is very much in line with the US national employment rate. Every time the US unemployment rate goes up so does the one on disability and vice versa. However, with this type of attention on disability unemployment there has got to be something groundbreaking to help with this issue.

On April 19, the judicial branch of our government made a ground breaking statement. This past week 13 lawyers have been sworn in to the US Supreme court bar. What makes these lawyers important is that they all either deaf or hard of hearing.

Now, I know that this may not change the entire landscape of employment for people with disabilities but it is not going to hurt. No doubt these 13 lawyers have paid their dues to earn this responsibility. No doubt they are very educated people. I am for certain that they love their job. What is so important about this is that our judicial government is being an example of hiring people with disabilities. After 25 years since ADA, hopefully, this historic event can be a catalyst for hiring people with disabilities.

Finally, I am very blessed to have had an opportunity for education and employment. However, the 13 lawyers and I should not be the exception. It should a rule for all people with disabilities who are seeking work. Could this event lead to more employment? This is all that people with disabilities want, an opportunity.

Author: Bob Lujano