How to Start an Early Morning Exercise Routine

Apr 04, 2016
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Ask yourself, why should you exercise?

Not for the date that cast you off, not for the taunts of relatives that you want to thrust off, and not for the ‘fat shaming’ accuses you want to get rid of, just to fall in love with your body and become a person you will always be proud of.


Let me assure you, even I’m petrified of waking up to the bugging alarm sound and parting away from my cozy bed and blanket, yet it’s totally worthwhile to inculcate the healthy habit of ‘Morning Exercise’ in your routine. You cannot undervalue its importance especially in an environment where your job, hobbies, and eating patterns rarely bestow you an opportunity to stay in good physical shape. The veterans have eternally pinpointed the ascendancy of the morning exertion in the fasted state to the identical workout sessions performed in the later part of the day for maintaining healthy waistlines, rejuvenating the minds, resting the willies, strengthening the spirits, and improving the productivity all day long.

No matter what is putting you away from developing a morning exercise routine, I’ve laid the few points that will help you kick-start this healthy habit:


  1. Plan A Tireless Span

The morning exercises are something you need to be unswerving with if you want the laudable results. A slight sneeze or a temptation to enjoy an extended nap should not factor your exercise regime. Therefore, it’s best to plan a mild workout session of 15-20 minutes that won’t overexert you and divest you off energy for the rest of the day. Little by little, your body will get used to the sweat, and then you can hoist the timings.


“Exercise is best when it’s consistent. And studies show that those who partake in morning exercise are more likely to make it a routine.”


  1. Choose A Titillating Workout

I understand the alien names and feel of diverse calisthenics can happen to be very nerve-racking for those of you who are new to the world of exercises. Therefore, I have come out with the workout activities that are uncomplicated and amusing to carry out.


  • Brisk Walking/Pushing And Running:

The brisk walking/pushing or running at the crack of dawn is a good start-up for any age and sex!  It miraculously helps in building the strong bones, keeping the low blood pressure, maintaining an ideal weight, and staying hale and hearty. Also, you can alter the time and effort levels according to your fitness concerns.


  • Action-Packed Dancing:

Another cool workout to add in your list is the get-up-and-go kind of dancing! At the beats of music, you can let your body shake from head to toe. It animatedly pumps up the oxygen supply throughout the body, keeps the joints well-lubricated, builds up the stamina & endurance, and sweats out all the frets. The best part, the people from all walks of life can draw benefits out of this heart-pumping dance workout.


  • Hot Yoga:

An unconventional morning training activity you can engage yourself into is the hot yoga! It is practiced under the hot ambiance in order to sweat off the unwanted pounds and the body toxins. Perfect choice for those who are fond of sauna, the hot yoga doesn’t drain off your precious energy and maintain your creativity levels all day long.


  • Gyming:

You can simply get in play at break of day by turning up to the gym for a turbocharged workout session! It enrolls your upper and lower body parts for a mix of cardio, weight and strength training exercises. The energized sessions efficaciously tone up the body, raise the speed & stamina levels, and release the endorphins for a happier and healthier you. The bonus point, they can be easily tailored to achieve the unique goals, faster.


  • Outdoor Sports:

I bet each one of you will be happy to hear that even your favorite outdoor sport can make up for the decent & effective morning exercise! You can engage yourself into the activities like hand cycling, swimming, or playing balls to get an entire body strength and cardio workout. These painless activities ward off the extra calories, tone up the body, relax the mind and keep you full-of-zip all day long.


Hey, don’t bound yourself with the aforementioned workouts. Get creative and seek for the varieties of workout to instill into your morning exercise routine else your body will get habitual of the same stuff, which may lessen the overall impact. Besides, in a long run, you won’t get sick and tired of doing the same old things.


  1. Keep A Tab By Becoming Hi-Tech

The more you know about your exercising patterns and advantages, the better impetus you’ll receive to toughen up the goals and achieve a fitter self. There is no dearth of smart and accurate ‘Activity Trackers’ in the form of gadgets, apps, and the web accounts that can be of assistance to you! Just by using them, you can get a daily track of your heart-rate, calorific burn, sleep pattern, blood pressure, heart rate, the pace of workout, etc. Also, the latest crop of technology can guide you the form and degree of exertion that swiftly deliver you the best results.


“Count on the GPS running watches, iPhone dashboard, Android apps, and other fitness tracking wearable to enhance your exercise experience by making it intuitive and fun.”


Quick Tips To Be Regular:

  • Make sure sleep deprivation is never the reason to miss the morning workouts. Moreover, you’ll be stunned to hear that your calorie burns at a slower pace when you lack the quality sleep.
  • Build a habit of laying your exercise outfit or packing your gym bag a night before. It’s a gesture of dedication to your healthy workout routine.
  • Try to train on a fasted stomach in the morning so that there is less interference of the body’s digestive processes. It ensures the higher delivery rate of oxygen to your muscles thereby, burning more fats.
  • Schedule the workout dates with your buddies. It will prevent you from bailing out on your morning sweat sessions when you know that someone is expecting you to show up.


I hope, this write-up assists you to start an effective morning exercise routine and prevents you from tip-toeing around it. Initially, this early morning path may appear daunting to you, and your body may ask for some time to adjust, however, with a little willpower, your body and mind will touch the pink of health.

Author: Ankit Gupta

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    Thanks for the tips! It is always a struggle to decide whether to exercise in the morning or the evening.