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Mar 31, 2016
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I know we are right in the middle of the NCAA final four and basketball as a whole has many people’s attention. One of the interesting topics has been the outstanding play of the Women’s collegiate basketball team:  the University of Connecticut or the UConn Huskies. With all the talk going on good or bad, one thing is sure forgotten, revolution!

Yes, I mean revolution in a good way. These ladies and their coach are in the midst of a revolution, a game-changer for modern day terminology, simply because they are damn good! They are so good that the one thing that stands out is that they are about to possibly win 4 titles in 4 years. Basically, the freshman who won 4 years ago are the same athletes who are now seniors who are about to win again. (Please forgive me for giving the title already.) The are on a 73 game win streak. They have an NCAA tournament 22 game winning streak. When the final whistle is blown on this season, they will make the obvious case for being the greatest team ever! Winning 122 of 123 games! Unreal!

I have been fortunate to have had my fair share of winning championships as a wheelchair rugby player. We had our critics as well. Now, in regards to the haters, all I can say as an athlete to the UConn opposition is … elevate your game! Find out what they are doing at UConn. Are they training at different times? Are they eating different foods and drinking more water?  Yes, they do have talent, but talent has to be coached and they got a great one, like him or not. What is probably forgotten is that they are talented and they work hard as a team. Hard work is what spells automatic success, on and off the court.

In regards to winning, these ladies have already won. They have already won in regards to setting a standard for not only their school and community, but for the whole of college basketball and even sport in general. These ladies and this team, they are the standard! They are the ultimate in team sport. Enjoy it! The revolution may never happen again. At least until next year!

What are your thoughts on Women’s UConn Basketball team?

Author: Bob Lujano

  • Phillip

    Personally, I agree with you. If you want to beat them, stop complaining and get better. The thing that bothers me as a fan of the women’s game is the lack of parity that exists. Yes, different teams have been dominant at different times but there’s been a time when everyone is really pretty good. The top teams are really good but then there’s a huge gap to everyone else.

    As the carrot everyone is chasing UCONN is ultimately good for the game but for the sport to grow in popularity more parity is needed. I think the SEC is already there somewhat and the reason is good coaching and investment in women’s sports. Others have to follow suit.

  • bobl07

    I agree that the SEC has that parity. Other than Kentucky, there really is not anyone running away with the conference. Many of UK’s losses were in the SEC. In regards to UConn women, it is very similar to UCLA from 64-75. This men’s team won 10 straight National titles. We have not seen that again, the reason is because everyone did get better. Plus, their coach John Wooden, retired from coaching. Since that time, the rest of the D1 schools have elevated their play. This is why it is good what UConn is doing. I do expect the rest of women’s basketball to catch up.

  • Phillip

    I was actually speaking about the women’s basketball in the SEC. The conference had 9 NCAA teams and though South Carolina with Dawn Staley was the clear best team (only regular season loss was to UCONN by 12., the rest of the league is competitive and each of those 9 teams can challenge or beat the other.

    I think the comparisons to UCLA under Wooden are appropriate and I would actually argue that the UCONN women are more dominant. The reason I think that is because at the time UCLA won 10 in a row the defending champion was given an automatic championship game berth. While I think eventually others will catch up, I’m not sure other schools will invest properly to create the parity we now have on the men’s side.