5 tips to minimize obesity

Jan 22, 2016
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Obesity is one of the most common problems in disabled persons. It has been seen that people with disabilities are more prone to obesity. Because they spend most of their time on wheel chairs, they get fewer opportunities to move themselves more like normal people. Due to this reason, they rapidly gain weight and consequently, experience excess weight-related health issues.

Once disabled persons gain excess weight, they experience problems in daily functioning. They may not be able to stay active like before as they become lethargic and exhaustive quite easily. Well this condition is very alarming because this may give birth to serious health disorders. In order to prevent them from this risk factor, here are some tips to minimize obesity in disabled persons:


1- Motivate yourself to stay active

Being a person with a disability, the best way to defeat your obesity is motivating yourself to stay active. When you remain positive and think seriously about your weight loss task, you will surely combat your obesity in a legitimate manner. Keep remembering yourself that you have to lose your excess weight in order to lead an independent and carefree life. You can even make an appropriate chart including a list of do’s to remember this task in a comfortable manner.


2- Adopt daily exercise session

Nothing can be beneficial more than a regular exercise routine. Cardiovascular exercises such as pushing, hand-cycling, running, walking, dancing and aqua jogging are good options for a person with a disability. If you have an ambulatory disability, then these exercises may give you certain discomfort. Don’t get worried, you can still do swimming and weight training such as overhead press, bicep curls and circles. Another great option is strength training exercises. They involve weights or other restraints to develop bone mass. Also, they help preventing falls and retaining balance. Strength training exercises can be done either on by sitting on the floor or in your wheelchair. Whichever one gives you the best option for balance and flexibility.


3- Cut down junk food

Your obesity can also be the reason of excess junk food intake. Junk food is not the best fuel for your body because it contains high amount of fat content. Once it stored in your body, there is an ample chance of gaining weight. If you are extremely addicted to it, then you can go for certain alternatives like low calorie sandwiches, burgers and other snack meals. Remember, your diet is a key component to staying healthy. It is also the best way to gain the maximum benefit from your exercises. Junk in is Junk out.


4- Emphasize on healthy diet plans

Adopting healthy diet plans is yet another great way to minimize your obesity. It is kind of a diet by which you can stay healthy without any crash diet. Just stick to a healthy diet by adding boiled or steamed food items varying from fresh vegetables to meat. Eat salads, lentils and take good carbohydrates to maintain a balance in your diet.


5- Keep yourself hydrated

Last but not the least; keeping yourself hydrated as much as you can is a 100 million dollar tip. Constant water consumption helps removing body toxins as well as makes you feel fuller all the time. By this, you eat in a small ratio and the chances of fat storage become comparatively lower than before.


So, here are some tips to minimize obesity and maximize your health. Follow these small tips and you will surely see the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle.




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    Thank you for these tips. Water is an under the radar necessity. Also, cutting out junk food is so instrumental when it comes to maximizing health benefits.