The Right Mobility Equipment for You

Dec 02, 2015
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An adult folding paddle walker can transform the quality of your life. This equipment allows you to live life to the fullest by offering additional support to maintain your balance while walking.

The many types of adult stand-assist walkers cater to different needs. The adult folding paddle walker is a specialized equipment that is suited for specific needs. Your decision to buy this device would depend on these factors:


  1. Flexibility

There are two types of walkers based on the button feature: single button and double button. The paddle walker has two buttons. The single button walker has a single point that will collapse two sides. The two-button version has two separate controls where you can collapse one side of the walker while the other side stays rigid. Between the single and two buttons, the one with the double control offers more flexibility as far as sitting or positioning yourself to a couch or bed. The single button does not necessarily offer the needed flexibility. So, if you require more flexibility, the double button is the best option.


  1. Manual Dexterity

Manual dexterity is defined as the ability to use both hands and fingers without difficulty. Weakness in using the hands and fingers merits the use of a paddle walker. The two paddles are conveniently located near the grip area. Using either your left or right index finger, you can simply reach the paddle and collapse one side. The paddle is the perfect design for those with manual dexterity limitations. The paddle mechanism can be pushed-down or flipped up to fold the walker. Because of the convenient location of the paddle, patients can hold on to the grip and at the same time operate the paddle mechanism.


  1. Stability

Some walkers have four wheels, others have two wheels. The paddle model has no wheels. For those who have problems with stability, the paddle version with no wheels is the ideal choice as this equipment can be easily picked up when moving. The absence of wheels prevents the device from rolling while you are stepping forward.


  1. Height Adjustability

The importance of height adjustability cannot be taken lightly in walkers. If walkers are not set right, they can cause slouching and uncomfortable upright position. The paddle model is the right devise as the height can be adjusted. To achieve the appropriate height, maintain a normal posture and measure the height from the ground to the center of the wrist. Normal posture does not mean force upright posture. It simply means relax posture.


  1. Accessory Consideration

There are some who want to add accessories to their walkers. A basket or a tote bag is often added in the front portion of a walker in order to place essential belongings. A basket, however, affects tilt. Because of the weight of the basket, this can cause the device to tilt forward. A forward tilt is never a good thing as this can cause flipping over. A little backward tilt is, however, not a bad thing. In fact, walkers are basically designed with a slight backward tilt for safety. To restore the backward tilt of the equipment, make the two legs at the back one knot shorter. This method compensates the weight of the basket.


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