Health Disabilities Can Be Easy To Manage While Traveling Abroad

Nov 30, 2015
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As the famous saying goes “the only disability in life is a bad attitude” therefore disability is just a matter of your perception. The world is advancing and has made some remarkable developments to open its doors to everyone, including the travelers with health disability. All the travel freaks and adventure buffs can take advantage of what the world has to offer and go on, an exploring mission without thinking about his/her disability by following these simple tips that will help them manage their health disabilities while traveling to a foreign land. After all, no disability should stop you from discovering what the world has in store.

Plan, Plan and Plan Ahead

While traveling abroad you should consider your situation, as the level of personal mobility varies from person to person. This applies to every aspect of travel, from transportation, your bedding place, the restaurants you are going to dine to the sites you are going to visit. This might be a little challenging, but the obstacles can be easily overcome. Your vacation doesn’t have to be a struggle; the more research and planning you do the more accessible and thrilling your trip will be. Do your homework; inform your airlines in advance about your condition, if any medical assistance is required. Also, check in with the local and medical association of the city.


Wisely Choose Your Resting Place

While choosing your bedding place, thoroughly research for hotels and see if they are ADA approved. Be specific about your needs. Check with hotels for inner and outer door width, if you use a wheelchair. Make sure that the bathrooms are big enough and have accessible showers like grab bars and roll in showers. You need to book these hotels well in advance as it will cost less and will also save you from the trouble if the hotel you like has already been booked at the time of your travel. Also, be thoughtful about choosing your hotel in an accessible part of the town. It might be possible that you find a perfect hotel with best accessibility options, but as you step out there are hills or stairs in all directions.


Choose How You Will Commute and Plan the Route

There are only a handful of US cities that have accessible public transport for people with a disability. San Francisco is one of them with many accessible options. You need to carefully research the accessibility options of sidewalks, bus stops and subway stations to choose the best commuting option. Though San Francisco is one of the hilliest cities of US it is really accessible for travelers. There are several taxis with ramp access and wheelchair tie downs in San Francisco. The underground trains that run along Market Street are accessible by elevators. There are several buses equipped with wheelchair tie downs, lifts and roll on tie downs. If you don’t want to bother on public transport, you can also choose a San Francisco custom tour.


Before You Opt For A Tour….

If you are opting for a city tour, make sure that the company you choose has the required specialization in accessibility and the guide is a licensed professional. Make sure that the route they follow doesn’t involve many curves, hills or steps, and there are accessible bathrooms around. As it is literally impossible to see everything, decide your priorities and make a list of must-see places. The San Francisco city tour offers you guided walking, bus and cruise tours to places like Fisherman’s Wharf with dozens of food options, Alcatraz Island- a historical prison and various museums and parks which are a must see for everyone.


Have the Time of Your Life

There are so many options and resources out there as the world has advanced, so stop worrying about your travel after you have researched and planned out the basics. Just go ahead and relish your vacation. If locals with disability can have a rich life, then travelers too can have a time of their life on their vacations. Just go ahead and explore the majestic cities, awe inspiring natural beauty, magnificent art and architecture and exquisite food that are waiting for you to relish in.

As it turns out traveling abroad with disabilities can be challenging, but a little bit of planning can turn it into a rewarding experience, you won’t forget in your lifetime.

Author: Amber Clark

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    Not doubt that the best idea is to always plan ahead. Many travel agencies do have a feature which deal with accessibility. This is where I would make my first stop. Outstanding tips and suggestions.