How Online Games May Help Combat Obesity in Young Children

Nov 10, 2015
How Online Games May Help Combat Obesity in Young Children


Unfortunately obesity is a real problem all over the world today. The rate of obesity in individuals is currently on the rise in the country. If you switch on the news then you will see more and more emphasis on staying healthy, watching your weight, and ensuring that you exercise. There is also a lot of emphasis placed on ensuring that your children are healthy as well. After all, it is easier to get your child accustomed to being concerned with nutrition and exercising from a young age than it is when they start to get older.

A lot of people get worried because they see their children playing video games all of the time and they wonder whether this can make them become obese and it concerns them that they are not getting enough exercise. Nevertheless, you will be pleased to hear that games, such as Call of Duty and Ben 10 games online, can actually help your children to stay slim rather than encouraging them to put on weight. So, how is this actually the case?

The advancements in technology and the way in which games can be played

Over the past few years technology has progressed at such a rapid pace. This is something which relates to the gaming world as well. There are now arrays of different innovative ways in which children can play games in comparison to the traditional method of using a game control. For instance, the Wii is a perfect example because this encourages children to be active because all of the games revolve around them moving around, e.g. either playing tennis or boxing. Moreover, there are even the Wii Fitness games which are highly popular. In addition to this, other game consoles are embracing this active way of playing as well. For example, when playing on the Xbox or PS3, you can buy a special controller and play football via kicking and thus this kicking motion transcends to the game being played, rather than simply having to press one of the buttons on your controller. These methods are a lot more exciting than the traditional methods of game playing and thus they are likely to be enjoyed by your little one. Therefore, your child can be active whilst playing games at the exact same time.

Dance games are taking over

Over the past few years you will have noticed that there has been a massive increase in the dance games. These involve children utilizing a mat and then standing on the relevant squares in order to successfully dance to the track which is being played. This is a great way of working up a sweat, and the best thing about it is that children do not even realize that they are exercising because they are having so much fun. In fact, some researchers have even suggested that these games replace the traditional forms of exercising because dancing games are much more likely to want to make children to participate in some active enjoyment. It is worth noting that these dance mats and games are largely inexpensive in price and can be found at a cut cost because they have been around for a long time now.

Thus, whether your son is playing Ben 10 games online or your daughter is dancing to Dance Revolution, there may be a lot more benefits than you imagined. Try to get your child to incorporate some active games into their game playing so that they embark on an innovative method of staying healthy.


Author bio – Lisa Jane is a freelance journalist. She played various games, including Ben 10 games online and other Cartoon Network games, in order to research for this article.

Author: Bob Lujano

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    I am all for indoor activities but the key word is “active.” This behavior is taught at a young age.