Health for Seniors During Winter Months

Nov 04, 2015
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The winter months can feel a little isolating for seniors, particularly when ice and snow accumulates, making it harder to get out and enjoy the outdoors and other everyday activities. Winter, with the shortened daylight hours, can also challenge an individual’s overall well being, making many feel tired, unmotivated, and even a bit depressed. Fortunately, like every other season of the year, it’s possible to stay healthy and active, making the snowy season a little more enjoyable.

Promote Healthy and Safety in assisted living

While some seniors live independently, some reside in a nursing home facility for a short or long period of time. The activities in senior care facilities can be limiting due to the number of residents, resources, and time, but residents should stay remain active and healthy whenever possible. As a friend or relative of an senior in a nursing home facility, visit often and assist with walks in the hallways or around the nursing home. Since older populations are highly susceptible to influenza and other viruses, make sure your senior has received a flu shot. If you are ill, don’t visit. Additionally, make sure he or she is getting good nutrition, particularly during the holidays. Many senior residents may have visitors, who bring holiday cookies and candies, but make sure the treats are enjoyed sparingly.

Prevent Isolation, Increase Winter Activity

Seniors, who live in their own homes, may be more likely to experience social isolation and even more so during the winter months. Whether you are an independent senior or the caregiver or loved one, there are ways you can prevent social isolation when the temperatures drop:


  • Join a Class or Club: Many communities have senior centers which offer exercise classes and other classes on a variety of topics from nutrition to arts and crafts to card clubs. Exercising is always a bit easier to do (and continue with consistency) when there are peers present. Get your body moving during the cold months; there’s something for everyone!


  • Host a Get Together: One of the best ways to stay healthy during the wintertime is staying in touch with others. It’s natural to want to hunker down and never leave the house. If you don’t like driving around or are unable to get out easily, invite people over. Whether you have a movie night, a book club, or holiday card making party, choose an activity that will keep you active and happy.


  • Stay Safe: Getting around in the snow can be dangerous and tricky. If you don’t feel comfortable to drive, don’t. Remember, that a safe home in the winter can affect your health and overall well being as well. Get help winterizing your home and have your heating systems checked before the temperatures plummet.

Independent seniors and caregivers of those who need assistance, what are some of your favorite winter activities to stay healthy and avoid social isolation?

Author: Donna Fitzgerald

  • bobl07

    Despite the cold, it is always important to stay as active as possible with indoor activities if needed.

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    Hosting a get together is a great idea! Especially for older folks! Great post thanks for sharing!