Now that is a Treat!

Oct 30, 2015
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As we approach the holiday season. I enjoy traveling and participating in all types of activities. I am always down for all the different ways to celebrate Halloween. I enjoy it because in life it’s great to celebrate and fellowship with each other. At this time of year, celebrating is all right with me.

One of the best ideas I have seen this season are the wonderful people that have come up with unique ways to decorate wheelchairs for youth that are wheelchair users. For people with disabilities, your wheelchair and how it looks is a very important issue. Asthetics is everything! For this Halloween season look what is going on! Wow! I only wish that these great ideas were around when I was a kid. But I guess that time period was called the stone ages for a reason. How fortunate that today’s youth can participate in the Halloween tradition that is the costume. There are some great ones that are on display for this season.

I cannot help but feel a little left out because, no doubt, I just want to be part of the fun. Now, I know I am far from being a youth in age but I can still be one in spirit. Right? With that being said I very much love the one with the kid who has his wheelchair decked out as an snow speeder from Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back. Since this movie was part of my generation when I was a youth, I probably would have never taken off this costume. Now, getting around the school and the home might have been an issue but who cares when it’s all about having fun.

As we continue to move forward in our society to inclusion, it’s important to know that there are new and exciting innovations and ideas that will make all of our lives better. Chalk this up as one of them. Because at the end of the day, the best ideas are those that come from the heart that express love and FUN!

So, with that being said here is wishing everyone a safe and Happy Halloween.  Please keep up the great ideas. It will only make life better, happier and always more FUN.  Keep the great ideas flowing. It is the ultimate treat.

Author: Bob Lujano