Athletes on the Move

Oct 19, 2015
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With our nation’s quest to fight obesity and health issues, there is one of group of Athlete’s that are setting a standard of excellence that everyone should reach for. These are athletes that are visually impaired. They are on the move and taking this country with them. These Athletes may have vision impairments but they are trendsetters in regards to athletic inclusion.

Over the past year and half our nation has been focused on making sure people are healthy and active. Unfortunately, people with disabilities have been the most underserved in this capacity. However, the efforts of athletes with vision impairments have set a high standard that everyone should aim for.

Goalball is a sport that is played by athletes with vision impairment. Over the last several Paralympics our US women’s goalball team has gained much success with gold and silver accomplishments in 2008 and 2012 respectively.This success has led to many groundbreaking accomplishments on a national level that impacted the disability and Paralympic movement. The effort of the US goalball team has sparked our nation to be more proactive in dealing with competitive sport and recreational opportunities for people with disabilities and mobility issues. They have spearheaded this movement for inclusion in our society and have been the model for which our nation should seek to follow.

In our society, as we look to address health concerns and competitive opportunities, our brothers and sisters with visual impairments have been instrumental in recognizing the importance of inclusion. It was reported in September of 2014 on how goalball has taken the first steps to become an inclusive sport at a collegiate level. Thanks to these efforts it led to an unprecedented collaboration with the ECAC/NCAA agreement in which a conference has been established to provide competitive opportunities for all student/athletes with disability.

As we recognized World Blind Day and Blind Americans Equality day on October 15, let us not forget the successful efforts from the community of people with visual impairments and how we can achieve an inclusive society through competitive sport and recreation. Let’s all keep moving and fighting to complete these endeavors which can and will be fulfilled.

Author: Bob Lujano