Holiday Exercise?

Oct 14, 2015
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It is slowly getting to that time of year when we embark upon our holiday fun and festivities let’s not forget that as much as we want to get away from it all let’s not forget to do what we typically do when we are not on break. That is Exercise! More importantly, let’s try to over indulge on things that we typically do indulge on. That would be everything! 

I know that every year around this time we so look forward to the time off of work. We are overjoyed with the time away from home so we can travel. Also, we think about the time away from an activity that we typically, maybe even begrudging do, that is exercise. I know this because I feel the very same way.

So, this year, as I travel, I have decided to incorporate an activity that I started doing about 5 years ago but never really addressed seriously like I will do this holiday season. I will simply go for a push at least once a day for about 30 minutes. Or even 22 minutes a day which is what the surgeon general stated in his call to action back in September. Now, I did do this in the past but it was always just once or twice during time off. Not this year. I am committed to go for a stroll either first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Now, I know to ask you to do this will be like asking Santa to skip your house on Christmas. So, I will just politely suggestion that doing this at least once a day for about 20-30 minutes during the seasonal breaks is a great thing:

  1. It will be a modified version of what probably do during a typical week
  2. It will be a good activity to do when you are experiencing cabin fever
  3. Also, it will help get you out of the house in the event that a relative might accidentally bring up an embarrassing moment
  4. You could even bring your favorite family member, one that you like or maybe one you like the least who really needs to exercise but everyone is afraid to tell. Maybe they will get the hint.

Now, at the end of the day, or the week, you will probably feel better because you have not completely forgotten about exercising. You will have avoided any potential family conflicts, while participating in a good activity. Plus, it will not be that bad if you decide to indulge in a little more of the holiday   sweets. Now, isn’t that what time off is all about?


Author: Bob Lujano