Exercise? It’s all attitude and a calendar

Sep 30, 2015
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With the beginning of the fall season, a change in schedule always precipitates. I have now established a change in exercises, days to exercise, diet, and even rest days during the fall. Over the last three years, I have grown accustomed to having a calendar that lists my daily schedule and activities. When this happens I feel like I have switched gears from summer fun activities to hard core structure I basically have my fall season planned out for each day. This is great for me considering I just spent the summer free lancing it. I can then focus on just bringing a fun-filled attitude for when it’s time to exercise.

My life is probably not that much different from yours. I too, go about 100 mph with work schedule, church activities, community activities and activities that I volunteer for. It can be very difficult to schedule activities that do not conflict with work or school or even just fun days, which important to have. I have decided that my weekly schedule will have some type of exercise and nutrition component almost every day. I do have exercises that vary from morning time and to evening time. Afternoon exercises do not work for me during the week, but it does on weekends. Mornings and afternoon are typically the best time to exercise, but the most important time is when you are available.

My nutrition component is based on the level of exercises scheduled for that day. Some days will consist of lots of meat and protein when I will be doing weight lifting or heavy cardio. I am currently going through a low carb faze since I have not been as active with exercises as I would hopped to be. Now that it is rugby season, I will look to increase healthy eating consumption to have energy for practices and rugby matches. I believe that I have finally hit it on the head of what I will eat, the day before, after, and even right after exercises to recover quickly.

With the fall season off and running and considering how much exercise that I will be doing, it is also important to have a scheduled day of rest. I do have that one day of rest and even indulge on my diet. This helps so that I do not have a cheat week, when I indulge in all my favorite non-healthy foods. I typically reserve that day for Sunday.

Overall, as the seasons change so must our habits of how and when we exercise. It is so important that as the fall season approaches that you set a schedule that allows you to focus on your diet, exercises, and even a day of fun filled activities not related to exercising. It is so important that you lead a healthy active lifestyle. The only concern is for you to stick to your plan. Now, if you do like to exercise and follow a culture of health make sure you have other people that are as active and like to exercise as much as you. Not to mention that you bring a positive and exciting attitude to your workouts. This is what you do have control of. Here is hoping that you have a successful fall season filled with exercise.

So, have you made a schedule? What will it look like?

Author: Bob Lujano