4 Terrific Benefits of Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Sep 16, 2015
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Trigger point pain is one of the most common types of pain experienced by the body. Often referred to as “muscle knots”, these trigger points are sensitive spots in the muscle that cause a feeling of aching and stiffness when overstressed.

One of the things that make this commonly-suffered type of pain so unpleasant is that when the afflicted spot is stimulated, a shooting pain, tingling sensation, or numbness can radiate to adjacent areas creating referred pain.

If you have struggled with chronic, unexplained aches and pains that seemingly have no cause, trigger point massage therapy could be of use to you.

The Value of an Expert Touch

If trigger points are worked properly , the best case scenario is your condition will stay the same, and the worst case scenario is your condition can grow even more painful. Should the trigger points be worked on too long , irritation or increased discomfort can occur, resulting in greater pain in the area treated.

 Therapist who use trigger point therapy are knowledgeable to the management and treatment of pain. They are familiar with the concepts behind trigger point pain and its alleviation, and study the most common pathways for referral pain (the pain that has radiated from another source). They will locate where the exact trigger point is on the body, and use a variety of techniques to break down the muscle “knot”.

An Often Missed Cause of Pain

Trigger point pain can often be mistaken to be symptomatic of a much different cause. To a lot of people, trigger points feel like a different problem, and referral pain mimics the symptoms of many common health problems.

It is rare, however, for a medical doctor to consider trigger points as the culprits of maladies because the study of trigger points has not been part of traditional medical education. Before your pain gets misdiagnosed as something more serious, and you incur all that extra expense and worry, it might be worth it to rule out or rule in trigger point pain with a licensed myofascial massage therapist.


Some evidence shows that muscle knots, which are actually small patches of super-contracted muscle fibers, may in fact be polluted tissue due to the lactic acid build up. A concentration of waste metabolites would make your chronic pain rather more like a poisoning than an injury.

In any case, during trigger point therapy, the therapist will attempt to break down the build-up of the knot, which sends all the toxins from the area and releases them into the blood stream. Epsom salt baths and drinking plenty of water following this type of massage therapy will see to it that these toxins are flushed safely from your system; don’t neglect to keep hydrated after your therapy.

Avoidance Over-medicating and Reliance on Pain Meds

If you are in pain, you may be taking medication for it, but research shows that pain medications taken on a regular basis can be harmful to the body, and with long-term use, damage to your organs is possible. They may only mask the pain, when isn’t it better to treat the root of the problem?

Pain medication poises numerous risks for your health and can even lead to death – according to CDC, around 46 people die daily from painkiller overdose. Therefore you have to look for ways to manage your pain without the constant use of meds, and utilizing the help of trigger point physical therapy can be just the solution you needed.


The touch of an expert therapist can not only reduce your pain and help you stay away from pain meds, but can actually have detoxifying effects, which can have tremendous health benefits to your body as well.










Author: Christy Root

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