Disability and Unemployment

Aug 31, 2015
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For years I have always heard that unemployment for people with disabilities has been at or around 70%. This number has always been the same in my 10 plus years of public speaking, 20 years in the workforce of serving people with disabilities and the 30 plus years that I have been a person with a disability. At times it seems as if this would never change. How can it? How would we know for sure? Something has got to change. What can be done to make a dent in this number?

Recently an article was printed that showed documented evidence that employment for people with disabilities can be changed. This number can actually be affected and lowered. I thought I would never hear or even see this as a reality. Much of my thinking has been that our society is the reason for a lack of employment opportunities. Although my own job search history validates this for myself, unfortunately, many of the attitudes that I dealt are still in existence. I am sure that many people with disabilities have to endure this still. I have come to the conclusion that I myself must change. That I have do something that would make people want to hire me. I always and still maintain that academics are the sure fire way to become employed. However, something else is now a factor in employment for people with disabilities. The answer can be found in an active healthy lifestyle.

I have been playing wheelchair sports competitively for over 20 years. The benefits have immediately paid off with maintaining a successful fitness level. I have also experienced the social benefits of being active in wheelchair sports. This is very much the answer for people with disabilities. Being engaged in adaptive sport is very much a reason for all people with disabilities to have successful employment opportunities. Who would ever have known this? Well, the hundreds of people with disabilities who engage in recreational and competitive sports have lived and seen the benefits of education and employment. Now, this article has provided scientific evidence that a correlation exists.

If you are a person with a disability, this article is proof for you to seek a healthy active lifestyle. This article is for you to seek opportunities for adaptive sports. If you a person with a disability consider yourself blessed to have a disability during the time when many opportunities do exist to seek competitive and recreational sport. Now is the time for you to have an opportunity for a holistic life. Active lifestyle and competitive opportunities are the best combination for an employment opportunity.

At the end of the day, people with disabilities always held the key to making this change. This change is now a reality. The resources are there and the evidence is there. That 70% unemployment number is still there too. Now is our time to move forward in this society the way we have always wanted but may not have had the chance. As we look to find employment and adaptive sport adventures don’t be afraid to make a big dent with your opportunity.


Author: Bob Lujano