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Jun 18, 2015
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Back in October of 2014, NCHPAD, along with President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition launched an initiative to make a commitment to inclusion. Since that time this initiative has grown even stronger.

This past week commit to inclusion has gone international. This initiative will benefit the 1 billion people world-wide that have a disability. The objective is to make community leaders, presidents, and country representative aware of this initiative to not only seek to improve the lives of people with disabilities but improve the life of all citizens through equal access and opportunity.

As a person with a physical disability, there were many times and events in which I was either excluded or did not have an opportunity to take part of recreation programs. At times, I very much felt disengaged from my peers without disabilities. Not being able to participate in sports I felt very like an outcast. The issues of people with disabilities are very universal. There are limits in access in facilities, programs and sport opportunities. It is through international inclusion that seeking to bring awareness to benefit the lives of people with disabilities will make every citizen productive and successful. It is through a commitment to inclusion that the most underserved population, people with disabilities, can now have access to facilities for exercise, programs for recreation and sport. More importantly, it is through inclusive healthy communities that people with disabilities can participate in all neighborhood activities and events. By being part of an inclusive community it will only make the whole neighborhood viable.

The commit to inclusion has 9 guidelines for any city to follow to address issues with adhering to a livable community. Obesity is a secondary health condition for people with disabilities, thus, by addressing financial issues and creating healthy inclusive communities all people can benefit. This holds true for other areas such as nutrition and physical activity. Everyone needs good food and exercise to have a healthy active life. People with disabilities would need this more than anybody. The 9 guidelines are a tool that can benefit all people.

The benefit of an inclusive society is that a change in attitude can uplift and unite a society that has excluded people with disabilities. This change in attitude can only benefit the nation as a whole as it will be an added strength knowing that the health and well-being of a society is a top priority of leadership.

At the end of the day, inclusion itself is one of the most basic fundamental and human rights that each person should have. To deny access would only prolong health disparities, increase health issues, and continue to bring a negative stereotype to people with disabilities. More importantly, it would minimize the success of a nation to not promote health and wellness for all its citizens. By limiting opportunities for all some citizens would only deteriorate the strength of all people and of a nation.   You too can commit to inclusion by going to the website and replying to all social media with #InclusionMeans

Author: Bob Lujano