Physical Activity during the summer

Jun 11, 2015
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In my 35 years as a quad amputee physical activity has been the main reason for my weight maintaining a consistent variable. This has been advantages for me staying active. The problem at times has been trying to find the time, activities or just exercises in general to maintain and advance my physical fitness. With over 56 million people with disabilities and only a few being physically fit, I fall into a category in which secondary health conditions can be an issue as I advance in my age. Hence, it is imperative that I develop, maintain and increase my physical fitness regimen. 

The first step has been to change my diet. Being of Hispanic culture many of the foods are very high in cholesterol and saturated fats. Thus, I had to immediately change this diet. By eliminating or cutting back on fats and high cholesterol, I have already benefitted my body. I have already switched to low carb tortillas and eat only rice and beans once a month. (I know I am deprived). However, with my workout plan I had to develop new eating habits and replace my old diet with a new healthier one that consists of nutrition and protein.

My next step was to develop a consistent workout plan that focused on cardiovascular and maintaining strength. The cardio workout consisted of pushing in my rugby chair, core class, and swimming laps. These exercises are consistent with summer. The rugby chair exercises are from June to July which coincides with the recreational rugby. This allows me to push my rugby chair once a week. I also push my rugby chair outside, which allows me to enjoy the sun before it gets too hot. It also prepares me for 5k events during the summer.

My next step is to focus on my strength building. I attend a core class twice a week which allows me to use weights, medicine-balls,  therapy bands, and my own body weight in a series of stations that are time oriented. To a large degree these work out are similar to a cross fit workout. Speaking of, during the off season of rugby, which is from May-September, I engage in cross fit exercises and 5k’s. This allows me to have intense workout of strength and cardio. I am able to modify my workouts to fit my disability which consists of a modified burpee, pushups, sit-ups, dips, kettle ball, modified box jump (using matts), and ball throws. I try to complete two sets within 10 minutes. The intensity of this workout really wears me out. I need to do more of them. This is also the off season and I do not want to ease up that much.

However, I do want to have some fun. I will attend the Adaptive Aquatics water ski sessions here in Wilsonville, Alabama about twice during the summer. The main objective here is just to have fun. I believe this is allowed during the summer.

So, no matter what your schedule is please make time to exercise and have some fun. No matter what exercises you do please make sure to enjoy it!  Are you ready for the summer?

Author: Bob Lujano