Exercise is Important for All

May 29, 2015
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One should never compromise on their mental, physical and emotional well-being.  A regular workout routine can keep your body in its best shape, and the importance of this cannot be stated enough. However, as you go searching about exercises or workouts all you get is a bulk of magazines, websites, and fitness programs all solely dedicated to serve people without any special needs. People who have disabilities are somehow excluded when fitness experts make workout plans. But that shouldn’t stop you from indulging in a regular workout routine.  Even people who are wheelchair or prosthetic users can definitely go for a walk and can similarly make their bodies habitual to a healthy work out with physical exertion, it can work wonders in improving your physical and mental vitality.

Why Exercise?
We all know how many of us with different abilities keep themselves to a monotonous routine which increases their risk of getting affected by other problems, such as: lung diseases, cardiovascular issues, diabetes, hypertension and a number of other major to minor health problems. A number of reasons may contribute in resistance against exercise for people with disabilities. John is a paraplegic who is also an active member of his gym. John says, “The decision of joining a gym and engaging his body in regular exercise was a tough call for me. Initially, I was scared of being ridiculed and suffering from injuries but then one day my doctor told me how my body is functioning slow and diagnosed me with type 2 diabetes. His one suggestion I took to heart was that of exercising regularly.” Many may relate to John’s story and may have the same reasons for not indulging in any sort of physical exercise. We all know by now how exercise can make your heart healthy, muscular strength; flexibility, ability to perform actively in daily life while reducing chances of gaining unnecessary weight. However difficult and impossible it may sound but yes, exercise is equally important for everyone. Mostly, people complain about strain in their muscles due to constantly steering their mobility aid; exercise can help in strengthening their muscles and avoid any muscle injuries.

Also, apart from its physical health benefits, exercise can also improve your mental and emotional health. Depression and anxiety can be found among people who do not exercise but engaging in a healthy workout can reduce symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression.  Exercise generally results in the release of endorphins which can help in bettering your mood while minimizing the feeling of pain.

All in all, exercise is synonymous to physical, mental and emotional well-being and nothing should stop you from achieving that.

Exercise for people using mobility aid:

Those of us who are wheelchair users may find it hard to adapt to the idea of engaging their bodies in a workout routine, even if we do, we believe their options are limited. However, health experts and fitness trainers suggest that there is a wide range of physical exercises which can be easily performed by people with limited mobility. Physical activities ranging from: aerobics, therapeutic exercises, flexibility and strength training and mild workouts can all be a part of your regular exercise. After consulting your doctor and in supervision of a fitness trainer (if needed) you should try these:

    • Cardiovascular health and fitness can be boosted through swimming with the assistance of a trainer.


    • You can participate in sports like racing and can use a wheelchair; this eventually improves your lung and heart’s health.


    • Don’t stop the music if you’re into dancing. No exercise is better than the one you actually enjoy. It makes you feel good and generally improves your health in the same time.


    • If you’re gaining weight then there is nothing better than indoor cycling.


    • Rowing is another great exercise you can engage yourself in to get a nice ripped body.


    • If you’re into sports then you can easily adopt wheelchair basketball, golf and tennis.


    • Strength-training exercises such as bench press and bicep curls.


    • Stretching and Strength training workouts, such as: bench press is suitable for you and for the strength of your muscles.


    • Inclusive Yoga is a great way to enhance your mental and physical stability; you can try chair yoga to keep yourself physically and mentally fit.


You can also try joining a gym for mild gym exercises. Don’t go about performing extreme workouts or even mild exercise before you consult your doctor.






Author Bio:

Sheerin Jafri is a passionate health and lifestyle blogger who writes for different health brands such as Centra Care, a South Tampa Urgent Care provider.

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    A week does not go by where I do not exercise at least twice a week. Exercise and active living will always be part of my routine.

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    It was a pleasure writing for ncpad and it’s amazing to see individuals as inspiring as you Bob :). Exercise is indeed one vital element of healthy and active living and it’s equally important for everyone.

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    yes i agree that exercise is important for all everyone do should exercise daily to keep themselves healthy and fit
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