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May 19, 2015
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Today in Birmingham, Alabama was my first event to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA). We had in attendance community leaders, health organizations, state, and city representatives. However, there was something missing…

What was missing was people with disabilities. I was at this event for about two and half hours and I saw very few people with disabilities in attendance. Now, there were people with disabilities at this event. They were the organizers and speakers for the event. They were the people that worked the resource tables.  Unfortunately, there were very few people with disabilities in attendance. It was a very good time but it was an event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the ADA and not that many people with disabilities from the community were present. At least not during the time I was there.

Now, I could speculate why there were not that many people with disabilities at this event. Maybe they were all working? I would say probably not, since there is an unemployment rate of  over 60%. Maybe they were not feeling well and at a doctor’s office. This could be true since many people with disabilities do not get a chance to participate in physical fitness activities. If any person does not exercise then this could led to illness and secondary health conditions. Adults with disabilities only participate in activities at a 48% rate.

At this celebration there were many booths set up that provided resource information for people with disabilities. There was also a chance to meet community and state leaders as well as people with disabilities who do work and have families. It was a good opportunity to network. Also, the ADA Freedom Bus was on hand. This bus is being driven through all 50 states and to end up in Washington DC on July 26th. The bus symbolizes a legacy that the ADA started with the passing of the law. It has many rally slogans and list of historical events. I hope that you get an opportunity to participate in this unique celebration.

As we get closer to July 26, many activities will be going on in your neighborhood and city. Please take the time to invite family and friends so that they can learn and understand what ADA is about and how important this civil right’s legislation is to our country.

At the end of the day a celebration of the ADA should always include numerous people with disabilities. It would be great if we could get all 56 million to celebrate. It is an opportunity to remember that this law came into existence because the efforts of so many people. However, what must not happen is for people with disabilities to miss the various opportunities to celebrate and learn what this law is about and what role you can play. The worst thing that can happen with a lack of attendance is for people without disabilities to think that this law is not important. A person might only think that way if they see that people without disabilities do not care.

So, please take the time to engage in all activities. Find your role and place in the ADA. Make it a priority to be an active participant. Remember that the advancement and strength of the ADA must include people with disabilities. In order for this law to continue to reach people of for future generations then all people with disabilities must be involved. Do not be what is missing.

Author: Bob Lujano

  • Shaun Best

    Don’t be blinded by what society sees as disabilities, retardation, etc., but take delight in knowing that my Father God has appointed each of us a time to shine, whether in our lifetime or not. Our competencies are greater than many will allow, but we have to wait on His time, not our’s because we all have some cognitive challenges……We’re all together in the family of humans created by God, either we band together or we’ll destroy each other. I’ve made my choice! I work that none shall perish.

  • bobl07

    Thank you for your comments.