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May 01, 2015
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The world met Lauren Hill. She was a college basketball player who realized a dream of playing for Mount St. Joseph  in Cincinnati, Ohio. The 19 year old achieved her goal while battling brain cancer.

It took me a while to write this because I have been battling tears and sadness for an angel, advocate and friend that I never met, but many others around the world felt the same as I. Lauren’s story went global as she fought to raise awareness and research funds for her type of brain cancer, DIPG. She raised millions of dollars and the efforts are on-going.

At 18, her diagnosis, she was one of the oldest fighters . Most persons with DIPG are younger than 10. A child of that age has a harder time than a teenager describing what is happening to their bodies and how the cancer makes them feel as well as the medicine and treatment effects. It is also true that life expectancy is typically no more than two years after confirmation of the disease.

Lauren wanted to be a voice for the voiceless. Her goal was to explain to her doctor the changes and pains she was feeling so that better treatments can be found to combat not only her cancer, but all cancers. All her energy was focused on this task even as she was dying. Such a selfless act! Lauren Hill’s is a warrior that beat cancer. She has asked many followers to keep the fight alive as she made her way to an angel.

The Hill’s are from Lawrenceburg, Indiana, it is my hometown as well. A city in southeast Indiana just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. It is small and a blue collar town. We offer simple living with a desire to help a neighbor. As Lauren’s story grew, I watched her bravely spread her message for funding and research. She did this with desire and a smile. Lauren lived like she was dying. She taught me how to live in every moment, laugh, and cherish your friends, family, and complete strangers! This is exactly what Lauren did in the spotlight! She stood up and has the world listening. She made friends without a formal meeting by her infectious spirit. Now, she has many friends in this world.

It is true that one person can truly change the world! I challenge myself and all of you to live in the moment with love and purpose just like Lauren. Make a difference all the days of your life!


Author: Aimee Bruder

  • bobl07

    She is forever an athlete and a hero. She maybe gone but will never be forgotten.