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Apr 24, 2015
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In a recent USA Today article the US surgeon general states that he will soon make a call to action for people to be walking. This of course includes all people even those with limb loss. More importantly all people with disabilities.

Today, more than ever, people with disabilities need to seek to lead a healthy active lifestyle. People with disabilities must be leaders in this movement. More importantly, we need find ways to become more physical fit and active. There are many ways to do this, yet, many people with disabilities need to have the specific equipment and adaptions to make this happen. This is where people who have limb loss are thriving due to the latest discoveries in prosthetic technology.

I, myself, am a prosthetic user. However, back in the day (the 1980’s), I used the old fashion 100 lbs. prosthetics that would make an elephant feel overburdened. However, several years later, fiber glass was used and this was a great break-through for a 10 year old kid that just wanted to walk. This technology allowed me to walk without too much burden. This allowed me to be active and adventurous. However, I still remember having the same old issues of skin irritation, skin break down and cuts. Oh well, at least I was moving and having fun.

Today, the latest use of technology for prosthetics is the use of carbon fiber. This discovery is just light years ahead of fiber glass, which is still used. The use of carbon fiber has moved athletes with limb loss to great accomplishments from Paralympic medals, to competitive sports and even competitive dancing. See Amy Purdy and Noah Galloway on dancing with the stars. It is even a small activity that can have such a big impact on our world. An example being a 5k run such as the one held in the honor od the late Terry Fox. This small run that goes on every year started with Terry running across his country of Canada to raise awareness. Again, the use of prosthetic technology and Terry’s sheer will, made a profound impact in bring attention to cancer.

At the end of the day, the continued develop of technology in prosthetics has provided an entire new generation of kids, youth, seniors and all people an opportunity to not only seek to participate in physical fitness and exercise, but to go on to ever greater achievements. It is because of these opportunities that people with limb loss can be leaders in addressing health and fitness issues for all people with disabilities.


Author: Bob Lujano