Why do we Run?

Apr 22, 2015
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Two years ago was not that long ago. 730 days to be exact. Yet for some, two years can be a lifetime ago. For others it can be a life-changing moment. This was the case for Rebekah Gregory.

It was two years ago that Rebekah took part in the 2013 Boston marathon that result in her near death experience as she was one of many that were affected by the exploding bombs from some cowardly people. However, with the damage done Rebekah began a new marathon. One that exudes true strength and sheer will.

Rebekah had severe damage to her leg. After numerous operations she decided to have it amputated this past November. It was also decided by Rebekah that she would finish the race. She decided that with the aid of a prosthetic leg that she would run the 2015 Boston marathon. She was running the final two miles of the race since her residual limb was not strong enough to participate in the 26 mile marathon. However, this was more than a race of two miles or even 26 miles. It was a race that reflected what competition, accomplishment and success are truly about.

In our lives we will all face those numerous types of obstacles, adversities, and struggles. Some of us seem to have more of it than others while others will have insurmountable issues. However, not that many us will have to contend with terrorists, unless we are wearing military gear. In this case the soldier was a marathon runner. Since that day she maintained a single purpose to run the race again and to continue to live.

Rebekah in one single run defeated more than the cowardly terrorist who plotted this madness. She defeated anyone who feels insecure about their disability. She defeated the question of why this happened to her. She answered the question of why anyone competes and runs. In her running she fulfilled her own purpose and defined why she is on this earth.

Her purpose is to run over, under, and through any and all obstacles. She runs to never look back. She runs for all of us who may not even think of having the courage to want to run. She runs to find and fulfill a purpose that goes beyond anything we can see and touch. But we know it’s there because we can feel and sense it inside of her. Despite it being 730 days later, regardless of the situation that leaves her using a prosthetic because what she does with that prosthetic transcends competition while still embracing every aspect of it. What Rebekah Gregory is and always will be is the epitome of a winner.

At the end of the 730th day, Rebekah Gregory does what all of us should do when facing any type of struggle. We run to finish the race! Keep on running Rebekah.


Author: Bob Lujano