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Mar 10, 2015
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On February 20, a federal judge in Broward County, Florida ruled that a service can be used to on public school property to provide assistance to a young man with a disability as he attended school. With this ruling, a young student will now have the benefit of having an animal provide assistance as he attends school. Now, this story may not seem like a big deal. However, a new precedence has been set in the allowing of a service animal to attend school with a youth with a disability.

Now, this ruling does come with some small issues. What is at hand, as with any lawsuit, is an interpretation of the law or how the district interprets the law. Another way of understanding the interpretations is to simply understand what the American’s with Disabilities Act states:

“Under titles II and III of the ADA dogs are required to be service animals.”

“Titles II and III allow for service animals to accompany person’s with a disability to any public facility.”

This does include public schools. What is important about this historic ruling is that it sets a new precedence for a student with a disability to have a service animal attend school. In regards to this specific case, the service animal provides a lifesaving skill that many people would not be able to perform. What is an even bigger picture is that another barrier is removed for a student with a disability to be able to have an educational opportunity. As we move forward in the 25th Anniversary celebration of the ADA, this law is continuing to effect our nation in regards to accessibility and accommodation.

At the end of the day, whenever we can remove barriers that better the lives of one of us, it will eventually benefit all of us. What are your thoughts on this case?
Here is the story on this case:

Author: Bob Lujano

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