Easy Exercises to Opt as Daily Routine

Mar 03, 2015
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With our day to day life, we have become so busy with our work and house chores that we don’t even realise that our health is not getting our attention anymore. But if you are willing to take out time for yourself then we have some exercises which you can make a part of your daily routine. These are simple to do and doesn’t demand for especially taking out time as you can do these in middle of your normal routine.

1.    Take the stairs as it is easy to switch to the stairs instead of elevators. Let it be anywhere you need to go either a business meeting or a mall for shopping only use stairs

2.    Going out for a walk or a push, it wouldn’t even feel like an exercise at times. You may go alone for a walk/push or you may ask a friend to come along and you could have a chatting session while walking. Did you know walking/pushing also helps to pump more blood to your brain so while walking/pushing you’ll be able to organize your thoughts more clearly.

3.    Engage yourself in the outdoor games. If you have kids or pets you can play along with them or else you can play with your friends. This exercise would not only be fun but would also relax you from your work stress.

4.    Go for cycling/handcycling if you can give few more minutes to travel. Choose your cycle/handcycle instead of car or bus to go to nearby market places. Yes, it may increase your travel time but it’s another great way to stay in shape and staying healthy.

5.    Go on active dates. You might be smiling to read this but it isn’t necessary that you go only with your partner. You may choose a friend or a family member to go along and go for a fun activity like dancing or rock climbing. Make yourself more imaginative, think of new things where you can have fun.

6.    Park your vehicles at a distance. It would not only make you unworried to look for a nearest parking spot, you can also save your time as well as stress you would have in finding a spot. And this will provide you to have a short walk/push.

7.    Have you tried doing the outdoor chores by yourself? If you haven’t then give it a try. You may help yourself along with your family. You can even save the money you would spend on these chores by offering them to others, it’s better to do them by yourself. You can trim your lawn, go for gardening or weeding.

8.    Sit-ups is an exercise you could easily do at home to strengthen your leg muscles. In case you are finding it difficult to do, then try to do it regularly you will get used to it soon.

9.    Jogging/desk exercises on the spot is a very good exercise for heart and on the spot jogging can be really easier. You could do it while watching TV or while listening to music. All you need for this would be a good pair of shoes to avoid exertion on your legs.

10.  Push-ups is one of those exercises, people don’t like much but again you don’t have to do it in a professional way, instead you could opt for it with your knees on the floor without keeping them straight or on the wall leaned against it. It would help you to build your arm strength.

What is your favorite activity for exercise?

Author: Erie Seale

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