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Feb 10, 2015
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Athlete’s foot or tinea pedis, is a widespread skin infection and is common among athletes and gym goers. Moreover, any skin infection including Athlete’s foot has worse effects on people with disability. Let’s see how its effects are different for people with disabilities:

Extensive skin lesions The frequency of lesion for people with disabilities is more as compared to others, as it hits the critical body area and result in a very serious limitation. Skin lesions interfere with the motions of your joints and in people with disabilities and mobility impairments, it is very complicated. Impairments vary from person to person and so the effects of these skin infections. Skin lesions on the soles of both feet or the perineum limit your ability to ambulate.

Frequency of flare-ups Your flare ups may result in extensive skin lesions depending on the severity of your impairment. The frequency of your flare ups may go ahead up to 12 months, which is too crucial and difficult for person with any kind of mobility impairment.

Symptoms for people with disabilities, like pain, may be different and tells exactly the severity of the infection. It can be an extremely painful experience. It can affect your mobility and independence if not dealt with right away. Issues of skin breakdown can also happen when sitting too long in wheelchair. This is especially a health concern for people with spinal cord injuries.

Now, how you can fall prey to this skin infection? If you have been living in damp and moist area for a long time, this can happen to you or if you are going to places for physiotherapies and other exercises, maybe the wet floors of the bathroom and unhygienic environment can become the reason for this infection. It is very important to practice good hygiene in order to keep yourself at distance with athlete’s foot. So, try to keep this infection off of you by following these tips:

Wear flip flops/ shower shoes when around moist area

Going barefoot on such areas is the main reason you get this skin infection. The floors of these areas may have fungus that causes athlete’s foot. Whenever, you go to any such place, it is mandatory that your feet are covered. Moreover, when in your activity places, you are more prone to these infections because sweat and unhygienic air serves as a home to infection causing fungus.

Use Antifungal Bar soap

Along with keeping your feet covered while passing through any germ-rich area, it is important that you immediately clean your feet with any antifungal bar soap. Antifungal soaps are especially meant for treating fungal infections but, if you haven’t got any yet, it is still useful. Identify places, where there is more threat of such infections, and always avoid going to such places.

Keep your feet dry

I am sure, you follow good hygiene and don’t go barefoot in public areas, but, keeping your feet dry is essential. This fungus thrives in warm, moist areas such as the one created inside hot, sweaty shoes. Wearing sandals or flip-flops is a good idea when it is hot outside. Rubber and plastic shoes in hot and moist environment is most likely to cause sweating, so avoid them.

Wear socks made of natural fabrics

Cotton socks or linen—wear socks of such material that quickly dries off the moisture (sweat) away from your feet. If you are a kind of person who gets more sweaty , you must change socks everyday or sometimes twice a day to avoid athlete’s foot.

Don’t share towels

I am sure, you have a separate towel, but, if any of your family member is suffering from athlete’s foot, don’t share towels, linens or shoes. Wear shoes in the area where infected feet have not been kept. And if possible, alternate your shoes everyday to ensure the shoes are dry when you put them on next time.

Dry between your toes after swimming or bathing.

Drying your feet between your toes is equally important as drying your feet. It is measure you should be taking to avoid any kind of fungal infection. Don’t forget to wash your feet with antifungal bar soap and drying it carefully.

And if you have got athlete’s foot before, you need to take a few extra measures to avoid it from happening again. Keep hygiene at public places and prevent it from happening in the first place.

What are some of your suggestions for dealing with skin breakdown?


Author: Evie Dawson

  • bobl07

    I have had friends that nearly died due to not taking care of their skin especially when it gets wet. This can be a serious health issues. Thank you for the tips.

  • Evie Dawson

    Thanks for appreciating.. In addition to prevent an outbreak, it is necessary to take steps treating the infection naturally :)