How World Day of Social Justice Impacts People with Disabilities

Feb 09, 2015
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Social Justice is a term I had heard about in my late teens when I started college at a Catholic School in New Jersey. After I learned about it, every time I hear the words, the work Mother Teresa did throughout her life flashes in my mind. Back then, I didn’t realize the relevance of this subject to the overall well-being of people with disabilities. I’d always wanted to advocate for people with disabilities in some fashion, but wasn’t really aware that the topic is really at the center of my interests, even so many years later.

Social justice concerns have a far reaching impact on disability and our health as a whole. It attempts to eliminate barriers such as social isolation and poverty. People with disabilities are more likely to experience unemployment and are more likely to be at the poverty guidelines than their non-disabled counterparts. According to the 2012 American Community Survey (ACS), in the year 2012, an estimated 28.4 percent of non-institutionalized persons aged 21-64 years with a disability in the United States were living below the poverty line*. Along with this hurdle comes the reality of having to deal with state funded healthcare such as Medicaid and or Medicare. While these programs do meet the basic needs of the individuals they serve, more often than not, the benefits leave a lot to be desired.

Being financially unable to afford the appropriate healthcare that fits our needs, people with disabilities face more complications when it comes to their health. When you add in the reality that there are a disproportionate number of people with disabilities who face social isolation due to various limitations, a person’s overall well-being can be affected. This is where social justice has an opportunity to take over and positively impact on a daily basis.

Increased awareness and public activity on World Day of Social Justice by different organizations has the potential to have a far reach in the public. Positive actions to improve the circumstances of people with disabilities on these fronts would improve their overall situation. As a result, they would have an increase opportunity to make a positive impact on society in different ways. Initiatives such as including people with disabilities in the workforce will also have a positive impact on the acceptance and self-esteem of an individual who is generally sheltered from mainstream America. The results can only equal success on the many facets of everyday life.


What kind of activities can increase the awareness of Social Justice?


*Citation for the ACS Survey: Erickson, W., Lee, C., von Schrader, S. (2014). Disability Statistics from the 2012 American Community Survey (ACS). Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Employment and Disability Institute (EDI). Retrieved Feb 07, 2015 from

Author: Christinne Rudd

  • bobl07

    I think this blog also shows the importance of a healthy active lifestyle. People with disabilities are prone to secondary health conditions. As long as a person with a disability stays inactive, so will their opportunities for health, education and employment.

  • ChristinneRudd

    Thanks for making that observation. I totally agree.