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Jan 21, 2015
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Before placing a family member with a disability in an assisted living facility, it must be determined what level of care they need as well as what types of care are offered by the facility you are considering. A simple checklist will help you to answer both questions and narrow down the possible options until you find the one that suits your loved ones’ needs and desires.

What Services Are Required By Your Loved One?

Understanding what a patient is capable of will determine the level of care they need when placed in an assisted living Utah. A few of the daily tasks that require assistance include bathing, cooking, cleaning, eating and generalized mobility. A person who has trouble bathing and dressing may be able to perform other activities on their own. It will be dependent on their level of dexterity and strength.

Does the Facility Offer the Level of Care and Services My Loved One Need?

When looking into an assisted living facility, it is important to ask staff members about the services that are offered and what level of care can be expected.

How Is Payment Calculated?

In most cases, assisted living facilities charge patients according to the level of care they require. A patient who receives three, four or more services on a daily basis will be charged more than a person who only requires one service. As a patient’s health deteriorates and more services are needed, their monthly payments will increase according to need.

Evaluate the Staff

Not only should there be a sufficient number of staff members at the facility at all times, they should also be adequately trained to meet each and every need your loved one might require. It is also important to know the level of training each staff member has had. Is there a minimum amount of education required to perform certain duties? Are CNA’s and other home health aids, licensed and insured? Are staff members friendly and personable to all of the residents? Do they interact with residents easily and readily? If the answer to any of these questions is no, you may want to resume your search at another facility. Every person’s requirements are different and each person’s outlook is different as well. A compatible match must be found to prevent a resident from becoming discouraged.

At St. George Senior Center, the staff members can answer any questions concerning assisted living in the state of Utah. They can help you address each issue and determine what facility is right for your loved one.

Author: Todd Kosher