3 ways to stay healthy as the seasons change

Jan 09, 2015
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A lot of people, with or without disabilities, face difficulties in staying healthy when the seasons change especially during the holiday seasons and the new year. This is probably because the holiday season is meant to bring people together as they share great meals. It is possible to stay healthy as the seasons change even if there are a lot of tempting foods around you.

Below are 3 ways to stay healthy as the seasons change.


  1. Stay Nourished at all times

The reason why it is very tempting to change your healthy diet on the holiday seasons is the fact that the holiday season is very cold. You therefore cannot eat raw food and fruits or else you will get the flu. If you do not know a healthier alternative for this season, falling off to wagon is very easy. You need to know which foods to eat during the cold season in order to resist the temptation of eating unhealthy treats and snacks during holiday season.

Some examples of the foods that you can eat during the holiday season are; steamed vegetables, root vegetables and complete protein foods. The importance of these foods is the fact that they keep you full throughout the day. This makes it very easy for you to pass on delicious unhealthy treats since you have a feeling of fullness.


  1. Get healthier versions of your favorite foods to eat

The reason why a lot of people who have managed to maintain a healthy lifestyle fall off the wagon during the holiday season is because they are unable to eat different foods from what everyone else is having. A solution to this problem is finding some healthy versions of the foods you like. For instance, you can choose to use coconut oil when preparing food instead of using butter. The advantage of doing this is that it enables you to enjoy the kind of foods your friends are having but in a healthier way.

Finding some recipes on healthy sweet diets is one way of coming up with different delicious foods. It is also advisable to have the food with friends and family instead of making two sets of meals. This reduces the temptation even more. If you do this, you will manage to enjoy your holidays without gaining any weight.


  1. Take Probiotics to stay healthy

Apart from maintaining a healthy weight, no one wants to get sick during the holidays because there are a lot of fun activities that happen during that period. With the cold environment during the holidays, you need to do your best to avoid getting the flu .Taking probiotics on a daily basis may help you maintain your health. This is because probiotics protect your body from bacterial infections. Yogurt is one of the sources of probiotics you can use.

Getting a health insurance card is also advisable. This is because it enables you to get treatment at a lower price in case you fall sick during the holidays.

In conclusion, it is important to keep healthy during the holidays in order to avoid ruining all you had accomplished throughout the year.





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    Thank you for the tips especially with the weather becoming wonderfully bone cold. I know I will put these to use.