To Celebrate or Not To Celebrate!

Jan 07, 2015
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There are many times on social media that I will see friends of mine post that “today was the day I had my accident” or “today I celebrate my 10th year as being a person with a disability.”   Now, I am all for celebrating! I just wonder if people are celebrating for the right reasons. Is the day of your accident a time to celebrate? Maybe the word celebrate is too strong. Maybe it should just be I remember the day when. Or maybe it should be this is what happened on this date sort of a history lesson or a reminder. The perspectives can vary and people can choose how they wish to mark the day they became a person with a disability.

What should not be happening is using this day as a way to garner sympathy or to rehash old wounds that have not healed. Try not to make it a somber moment. Try not to make it as a day that is a memorial to a pervious life. The perspective should always be positive because you should be engaged in positive activities.

The day you had your life changing moment should be acknowledge as a positive moment. There are only 57 million Americans who have experienced this kind of a life changing moment. Now, I know there may have been unfortunate circumstances that may have led to a disability. It may not have even been your fault. There are many people born every day with a disability. Many from this group do not even consider themselves as having a disability because they do not know any other way to live their life.

At the end of the day, if you choose to celebrate having a disability or the day you became a person with a disability, then go all out and celebrate. Par-tay all night long! (Please send me an invitation). Just remember to have something to celebrate. Make sure your life has been worth celebrating.

What are you doing in your life? What goals have you set and accomplished? Is it a job, education, commitment to exercise, travel, marriage, family etc. Do you consider yourself a healthy active person?  Are you living independently? Make sure there is more to your life then just I am disabled. Let who you are, how you live and what you’ve accomplished be the main reason to celebrate.

By the way, after seven years of writing I have just had my biography published. It is a goal that I wanted to do and now “No Arms, No Legs, No Problem” is available on amazon. Now, this is my reason to celebrate. What is yours? On a side note it was over 35 years ago today I lost my limbs to a childhood disease. It has been the most wonderful experience that has ever happened to me.

Author: Bob Lujano