Choosing between Assisted Living and Independent Living: Senior Care

Jan 02, 2015
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Everyone ages. Our parents do and we will as well. And though that might sound emotional and daunting for some time, the sooner we accept the law of nature, the better it is for you and all. Aging does not however mean that seniors, especially those with a disability, be neglected just because others are busy making a life for themselves. Thankfully, seniors today have the best of facilities to live as independently as possible and to enjoy the golden years of their life.

Options like Assisted Living St George Utah and Independent living have made life easier and more meaningful for them. Because not everyone’s way of life is the same, when it comes to choosing the right living option for your loved ones, be sure you take into account their likes and preferences. While some seniors like to maintain a healthy and independent life some think it would be wiser to move into a place where someone is always there to provide a helping hand.

When to Opt for Independent Living

Seniors and seniors with disabilities want to be independent and think can handle their daily chores as well as most of their work on their own can look through the innumerable Independent living options. In certain places, Independent Living is also known as Retirement Living. The following are some pointers that will help you decide whether to opt for this kind of living option.

  1. Would you prefer more social interaction than you get at your home?
  2. Would you like to maintain an independent stature?
  3. Are you okay with getting just a bit of supervision from the staff?

If you answered ‘yes’ for most of the above, then Independent Living is the right option for you.

When to Opt for Assisted Living

As the name suggests, assisted living is for those individuals who need comparatively more help and supervision. Seniors who suffer from severe physical and/or mental ailments may need care and undivided attention.

For these individuals Assisted Living is a far better option than independent living. The following are some of the ways in which Assisted Living communities help:

  1. They ascertain that the elderly person receives proper medical care.
  2. Provide with trained and responsible nursing as well as staff members.
  3. Helps seniors live with dignity.
  4. Encourages seniors to make new friends and interact with those who are alike.
  5. Allows regular interaction of other members of the Assisted Living Community with those at home.

The Last Word

Though there are plenty of assisted living options available today, you need to make sure that you provide only the best to your loved ones. Calling in to verify the living conditions at one is one of the best ways to understand the environment that it provides.




Author: Todd Kosher