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Dec 19, 2014
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Dr. Bloom and I recently debuted a scene from Macbeth at Spain Rehabilitation Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. The Scottish play, as Macbeth is often referred to, is dark, and that’s putting it mildly. Macbeth murders the King of Scotland at the urging of his wife, she gets mad at him for not planting the daggers on the sleeping grooms, then she murders someone, and on it goes! They both descend into madness with hand washing fetishes.

Ah! The drama of Shakespeare! Ah! The fun of messing up Shakespeare’s lines! In the scene that Dr. Bloom and I do, he as Macbeth, holds up two daggers (from the Dollar Tree) looks Lady Macbeth square in the eye, slams the daggers to the floor and declares, “I have done the deed!”

Well, sometimes the daggers don’t go to the floor. Sometimes one dagger does and the other dagger does not. What’s a thespian (actor) to do? In rehearsal, Dr. Bloom and I have usually ended up giggling when this happens! We both try to stay in character and ignore the dangling dagger. But then, I will see just the glimmer of a smile in Dr. Bloom’s eyes and start giggling. He follows suit and we have a good laugh and begin again.

This is one of the best parts of acting as far as I am concerned. Practicing, messing up, doing it again, enjoying my acting partner, discovering new depths of the characters, are all part of the process. Do you remember the Carol Burnett Show? I hope so, but if not, it was a variety television show. Carol Burnett and two actors, Harvey Korman, and Tim Conway, performed skits together. A lot of the skits ended when Tim made Carol and Harvey break character and laugh! It was the best part of the show!

So, during this season, when sometimes things do not seem so funny, or there is too much to do, I invite all of us to take a moment and find just a morsel of humor! The giggles relieve stress, get rid of cortisol – the stress hormone – and by golly, can just make us all feel a little lighter!

What gives you the giggles?


Author: Elizabeth Vander Kamp

  • Bob McKenna

    Dr. Bloom brings a depth to Macbeth that Shakespeare would be proud of. What a man, what an actor. Bravo!

  • Elizabeth Vander Kamp

    Bob! Thank you for your comment and many other things!