Consider Regular Blood Tests to Lead a Disease-Free Life

Nov 12, 2014
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There are number of reasons as to why people undergo blood test. However, one main reason as to why people get blood tests is for health monitoring or for the purpose of annual examination. It is very important to undergo private blood testing as it helps in identifying medical conditions which maybe asymptomatic. Besides this, blood tests in London can also help in determining risk factors associated with numerous diseases.

Blood Test
To define, it is an important laboratory analysis which is carried out on blood sample. To take blood sample, blood is extracted from a person’s vein in the arm via a finger-prick/needle. This type of analysis is performed by comparing amount of different chemical entities present in the blood under test to the standard ratio of one or more chemical entities. These entities are supposed to be present in the blood. Further, difference in proportions and quantities can be determined.

Blood tests usually cover liver enzymes, CBC (Complete Blood Count), electrolytes and blood glucose level in the body. There is normal value or range fixed for each blood test. If there is an abnormal value, then you may have a medical condition which needs prompt attention or care.

Why you should undergo blood test?
It helps in identifying presence of numerous ailments of the body. To be more precise, blood tests helps in finding out certain types of tests including determining disease, proper functioning of organs and effectiveness of drug/s.

Presence of harmful chemicals, drugs or poison can be easily determined through a blood test. Further, it also helps in determining presence of pathogens in the body. Thus, it is very important that lab and blood test results should be properly understood by patients so that they have a clear understanding of possible health issues.

Few important terms used in blood tests:
1.Haemoglobin – It is the reason why our blood is red in colour. The colour tells if your blood carries good amount of oxygen or not.

2.RBC (Red Blood Cells) – It indicates number of blood cells carrying oxygen throughout your body. If this count is very low, then it indicates that you have anaemia and in case if it is too high, then it indicates a condition called polycythemia.

3.White blood cells types – When you fall sick, then this blood count is very important. It determines the types of white blood cells present in your blood sample. Major types of WBC are as follows: – monocytes, eosinophils, leucocytes and basophils.

4.Platelet count – It is the main reason as to why your blood clots, when it is exposed to air. Low platelet count could be the reason as to why you keep on bleeding when you are wounded or cut or could be from some type of disease.

Blood tests are carried out to determine the cause of your disorder/symptoms prevailing in your body. Since the blood goes throughout your body, it carries traces of illness in hands/feet/ brain or in any part of your body. Thus, it is advisable that next time when a doctor explains your blood results, feel free to ask specifically about indications, explanations and what numbers and names in your blood test reveal about your health.




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