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Oct 15, 2014
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People who have autism or other speech related issues face the problem of communicating socially and may also have behavior problems. The main objective of speech therapy is to improve all the vital aspects of communication including auditory processing. It is used to treat a number of speech related issues in which people face problems in creating or forming speech sounds which is required to communicate with others. The most three common speech related disorders are as follows: dis-fluency, articulation and voice disorders. Speech therapy is probably the best solution to treat these speech related issues.

Speech Related Issues/Disabilities

There are numerous speech related disorders/problems which have an effect on vocal cords, nerves, muscles, and other structures within throat. They are caused due to number of reasons such as vocal cord/brain damage, vocal cord paralysis, respiratory/muscle weakness, strokes and nodules on vocal chords.

Following are some conditions which lead to speech related issues or problems:

  • Oral/Laryngeal cancer
  • Dementia/Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Autism/Strokes

How are these issues treated?

Mild speech issues don’t require any treatment. Some speech issues simply get cured on their own. Speech issues which don’t improve even after some time period can be cured with the help of speech therapy. Treatment may vary and purely depends on the type of issue faced by you.

In speech therapy, a professional therapist will guide the person through certain essential exercises. These exercises strengthen muscles in the throat and face. In this way, people will also learn to control their breathing, while speaking. By learning muscle strengthening exercises and how to control breathing proves helpful to improve words/sound. Further, people will also learn ways about how to practice smooth and more fluent speech.

It has been observed that some people experience depression or nervousness arising due to embarrassment from speech related issues. For such type of situations, talk therapy would be more suitable.

Complications pertaining to Speech Issues

If speech issues are left untreated, they may cause people to experience great anxiety, when talking with others. Further, anxiety can trigger variety of anxiety related disorders or phobia of speaking in public. Therefore, for this reason it is advisable to prevent complications of speech related fears or phobias by carrying out early treatment. Treatment options for Speech impediments may include anti-anxiety medications and talk therapy.

Role of Speech Therapy

To describe, speech therapy is the evaluation and treatment of communication related issues. The main objective of speech therapy is to target certain aspects of writing and reading abilities in a person. With the use of speech therapy, few areas can be addressed effectively during speech therapy such as learning new vocabulary, spelling, memory skills, understanding and retaining details of a story and expressing ideas clearly.

It can form an important part of multiple sclerosis treatment plan, if lesions/weak facial muscles have affected a person’s ability to swallow or talk. Thus, it can be said that speech therapy proves very helpful for people to overcome and eliminate speech related impediments.

Author: Alice Mason

  • bobl07

    Speech therapy was very important for me in developing my confidence to speak in front of large groups.

  • Alice Mason

    Thanks Bob. It really matters a lot.

  • windyh2o

    Great awareness around the benefits of this therapy. More community based programs are also taking Speech Therapy to the pool.