Fall into a rut

Sep 15, 2014
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With the summer slowly falling into oblivion in which there are three months left in 2014 (where has the time gone), typically we leave our summer routine and develop another set for the fall. Unfortunately, there is a difference.

Since the summer has started I have been able to maintain my body weight. I have gained a couple of pounds but nothing to get too stressed about. The different exercises I have planned for the fall should knock the gained weight off or just keep at a manageable number. When the rugby season ended back in April, I had lost about 3 pounds and weighted in at 138 lbs. Since that time I am at 145 lbs. Now, the reason for the small weight increase is that I just have not been able to be as consistent with exercise routine due to vacations, business trips, and the summer barbeques that I never seem to miss. What has also affected my body weight is that I have not been able to exercise as vigorously as I had during the spring.

The important word here is vigorous exercise. During the summer, my workouts have been ok, but I have not had the consistent vigorous intensity in my exercise that I know I will have during the fall. When you have a vigorous exercise you are not able to talk while going through your session. Your intensity should increase and affect your breathing. Not being able to talk or sing is a good way to measure vigorous intensity. If you can keep up this vigorous intensity it will raise your heart rate. If you can do this for 10 minutes then you have accomplished something for that day. If you can do this until you will have done about 75 minutes for the week, then you have done something wonderful. It is these 75 minutes of vigorous intensity that you want to shoot for. If needing further guidance please check out the Physical Activity Guidelines (PAG).

This is why I am looking forward to the fall as I will hit this 75 minute number. My exercise routine will change as I will increase my vigorous intensity with rugby practice. Rugby practice provides me with up to 7 hours of added exercise activity that I did not have during the summer. It will provide me with numerous 10 minute segments of vigorous intensity. It will also includes 2 sessions of weight lifting which is also important when wanting to meeting the PAG’s.

This is why I am looking forward to the fall season. Rugby practice gives me that change of exercise routine that will increase my intensity in exercise, elevate my heart rate, and improve my overall fitness. Now that’s what I’m talking about! I can’t wait to fall into this rut.

So, what are your fall exercise plans?

Author: Bob Lujano