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Sep 05, 2014
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As you are probably aware, the US Open Tennis Championships are currently taking place. But while TV and social media pages are filled with comments from the matches, I have yet to hear a single word about the Wheelchair Divisions.

Yep: I said Wheelchair Divisions. Did you know that one exists? Well, it does, and it’s happening in New York right now. But there is no media coverage or no match results on ESPN. In fact, unless you know exactly where to look you probably won’t be able to find any results. When I type “US Open” into Google, I am given the option to search Men’s and Women’s singles or doubles, and that’s it; no mention of the Wheelchair Divisions at all. These guys and girls are athletes just like any other and they have worked hard to reach this level of play.

So why is media coverage so one-sided? We are about to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), but I wonder how much has truly changed when it comes to perspective. There may be a couple more ramps around than there used to be, but I think we are a far cry away from equality. When someone you know or from your home town makes it to the Olympics, how exciting is it to watch them on TV competing? Well, I wouldn’t know, because when my friends made it to the Paralympics in Beijing and even London I had to watch on an obscure website that may or may not be airing their particular events.

This past Winter Paralympics we celebrated the most TV coverage ever given to the Paralympic Games, which was great! But here we are at the next big event and its back to nothing. Maybe in the next 25 years of the ADA we will see a big change in not only universal design, but in attitude and perspective as well.

What do you think? What wheelchair sports would you like to see getting a little more coverage on TV?

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Author: Kelly Bonner

  • bobl07

    No doubt! This has gone on too long. As a US athlete that is a Paralympian how unfortunate it is to see other countries televise their countries Paralympians daily, but not much for team USA. It is unfortunate that the US Open has missed this opportunity. Our country has always been leaders in ground breaking events and actions but it appears that we are missing these opportunities. How long?