5 Wellness Guidelines

Sep 02, 2014
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Life can seem colorless and a chore if you have a chronic illness or have recently acquired a disability. You are going to have to get used to a new way of living. There’s naturally issues of anger, grief, and self-doubt inside you. It would be the easiest thing in the world to sink into depression and start looking at life in terms of what you’ve lost rather than all that which you have still got going for you. You are probably in no mood to be preached to, but the fact that you are reading this article indicates that you are a positive person that wants to try to do something about how you feel. That your main challenge in life is to make the most of what you have been given.

In all good faith, here are five mantras you’d do well to imbibe into your routine to get firmly set on the road back to recovery and wellness.

Give Yourself  Break

An accident happen that either was or was not your fault. Nothing is going to undo the damage done to your body. However, a lot can be done to heal the psychological wounds, though only you can do it. “Why me?” is a natural and pertinent question to ask. But it’s also one that has no answers. It’s best not to ask yourself questions that take you in undesired directions. Don’t blame that person. Don’t blame yourself for having been at the spot of the accident. Don’t blame God. Don’t blame anyone. Because what blame does is keep the anger and grief alive. And you know what they say about anger? It’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Quit blaming. Acceptance of things the way they are, rather than getting fixated over how we’d want our lives to be, is tremendously liberating.

List 5 Blessings Every Day

I know life seems very cruel right now, but it’s really only the matter of shifting your focus and you will find a lot to be thankful about. Make it a practice to list 5 things that you are lucky to have in your life. It could be anything at all. The fact that you still have hair on your head, the fact that you can breathe deeply without any pain, the fact that you have a wonderful mother, or the fact that you can smell the wetness of the earth after a bout of rain. You know what the great thing about counting one’s blessings is? It gets you started on a happy path that has no end!

Vow to Love Your Body in Sickness and Health

Really, we are such fickle lovers. We list so many conditions just to be able to love something. But it really isn’t love if it comes with a hundred conditions attached. Extend yourself the same care and consideration that you would to the person you love the most when they are sick. Eat that which is good for you. Find a physical activity that you enjoy. Work out because you value the gift of life. Disabled or not, your body is yours. It’s how you live in this world. The least you could do for it is love and care for it unconditionally.

Practice Vipassna Meditation

I said earlier that you need to quit blaming anybody for your circumstances. That is not easy to do. In fact, this can take years to happen. Some are never able to do it. But if you see the merit in forgiveness, quitting the blame game, and shifting the focus of your energies back to yourself and your life, Vipassna meditation can make it happen, and perhaps faster than anything else. Find a meditation center near you and meditate daily. If you are not inclined to go out yet, there are directions available on how to practice this meditation at home. Give it a sincere try. It’s unlikely you’d want to quit.

Script Your Own Fairy Tale

People all over the world have conquered tremendous odds to realize their goals and live life on their terms. Many of them had chronic illnesses or physical disabilities. You can either view your disability as a misfortune, or you can reframe your view of it. Your disability is just one of the wonderful many things about you. It joins a long list of traits — intelligence, a compassionate mind, a brilliant cook, an enthusiast blogger, a keen photographer, etc. Dare to write your own story with the tools you have.


The magic of mantras lies in the power of repetition. Take these on in good faith and complete devotion. You’ll find your mind clear up for good sooner than you suspect. Don’t let chronic health or physical disability ruin your experience of life.

What is your favorite activity that just make you happy?

Author: Michael Georgiou

  • bobl07

    Yoga, swimming and a core class always puts me in a positive mindset.

  • Shawna Hill-Recreation

    Hi! that sounds like a great integrated routine of balancing body, mind and spirit. Do you attend an adaptive Yoga class? in chair or transfer to mat or your bed? (if you don’t mind sharing).

  • bobl07

    Hi Shawna. I did participate in an adaptive yoga class. I did get out of my chair and on to the floor using a mat.