How to Prevent Dehydration and Injury in Summer Sports

Aug 25, 2014
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Staying hydrated and keeping fluids in the body during hot months and while participating in active sports is essential to avoid heat stroke and other potential illnesses or serious conditions. Knowing how to prevent hydration and injury in any summer sports you are participating in is a way for you to ensure you are staying safe and healthy regardless of you level of physical activity and the time of year you are spending outdoors.

Stay Hydrated at All Times

Staying hydrated at all times is essential whether your are attending a hot outdoor event or if you are participating in one yourself. Carry jugs and gallons of water with you any time you want to prepare for potential dehydration of a physical sport. It is also highly recommended to keep a cooler on hand for even more refreshing cooled water when in need.

Use Proper Gear and Equipment

Any time you are thinking of getting involved with summer sports, it is important to consider the proper equipment an gear being used before getting out there against other players. Gearing up and ensuring you have adequate protection including shin and knee pads, helmets and even mouth guards can help to prevent any potential injuries you may encounter when participating in any type of contact sport you are involved in.

Using the Right Medications and Treatments

It is also possible to find the treatments, ointments and antibiotics necessary to treat any injuries you have sustained due to an injury from a summer sport with the use of an online drugstore. Using an drugstore online is a way to save time while also saving cost and having the treatments you need delivered directly to your doorstep.

Follow Guidelines and Rules

Following all guidelines and rules in place when you are thinking of joining a summer sport is another way for you to minimize the risk of being involved in a potentially-dangerous injury. Always ask for a list of formalize rules before joining a contact sport to keep yourself as safe as possible whether you are using a rink or an outdoor field to play.

Have First-Aid Kits Handy

Regardless of whether you are looking to prevent hydration or if you want to ensure you stay away from potential injuries with any sport, keeping a first-aid kit on handy at all times is highly recommended.

Having a first-aid kit on-hand is a way to provide necessary anesthetics, bandages, blankets, cooling wraps and even heating pads for those in need who are participating in contact sports themselves. Some first-aids kits also provide an extended supply of both dehydrated food and water, which is why it is important to compare your options before making a selection that is ideal for you and your household.

Stocking first-aid kits is also not always advisable in hot weather, but work when stocking them in cars while traveling and visiting new locations where you may find yourself in need of assistance.

Avoid Sugary Snacks and Beverages

Any time you want to avoid dehydration, stray away from any sugary foods, snacks and beverages. Sugary foods including cookies, cakes and even sodas often contribute to additional dehydration, making it difficult to replenish the necessary fluids your body requires to function properly. Sugary beverages including lemonade, sodas, fruit juice and other sugar-based drinks should also be avoided, especially in hot weather. Drinking too many sugar drinks is not only a way to quickly find yourself dehydrate, but it can also cause symptoms of nausea, dizziness and overall queasiness when in the open, hot and direct sun.

Staying informed of how to prevent dehydration while avoiding injuries in summer sports is a way to keep your body healthy and physically fit at all times without the risk of heat stroke or other potentially debilitating conditions triggered by heat and overworking the body. How do you stay cool in the summer?




Author: David Glenn

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    I wear bright or white colors when I am outside exercising. I also try to stay no longer than 15-20 minutes.