5 Practical Tips To Boost Your Workout Motivation

Aug 13, 2014
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In my last post, I covered how a person with a disability can benefit from weightlifting, along with offering some actionable tips to get into the gym and start working out. As a bodybuilder, the things that motivate me will be wildly different from the things that motivate a casual gym goer, a long distance runner or someone just looking to improve general health. Unfortunately, I do struggle with my motivation to keep working out.  

The thought of having to follow a regimented supplement plan packing protein powders, creatine, multivitamins does take it’s toll on me. Having to eat a set amount of calories, at set times takes a lot of willpower to not steer away from. There are of course times that I feel like deviating from the plan. Perhaps skipping a protein shake. Swapping the chicken breast and rice for cookies or cake. If I didn’t find something to motivate me, chances are, I would steer away from the plan. This in turn would prevent me from making progress.

As I also eluded to in my last post, I have experience of working with gym-goers who have disabilities or chronic illnesses. So I can certainly understand the issue people may face when trying to find motivation to workout. Here are some practical tips that can help you keep motivated on your fitness journey.


Find a Friend

Social circles have a huge impact upon our health. I’ve found that training with a friend is one of the best motivators possible. If you’re in a schedule of meeting a friend at 7pm every Monday, Wednesday & Friday to workout, that commitment is a lot harder to break than just going to the gym whenever you feel like it. Perhaps your individual training routine is scheduled on these same days and same times. Unfortunately, if you ‘don’t feel like it’, and you train solo, then you simply won’t go. However, if you’re in a routine of meeting your friend at the gym, you won’t want to let them down.

Chances are the thought of working out is actually more daunting than the workout itself. Once you’re at the gym, you have the support of your friend to help you through the workout. It may not be easy, but it’s more do-able than you may think.


Make It Your Lifestyle

As a bodybuilder, the gym isn’t just a hobby for me. Its part of my every day existence. From diet, to supplements, to working out, everything is part of my ‘normal’ routine. Rather than letting the gym simply sit as a hobby, make it a larger part of your life. Now I’m not saying you need to spend 2-3 hours every day in the gym. I’m not saying you need to fill your DVR with shows about fitness. I’m definitely not saying you need to become a bodybuilder. Just make it fit into your lifestyle, so your day doesn’t feel complete without it.

A very actionable way to do this is through blogging. I established My Protein Discount Code site to share thoughts about diet, supplements and engage with like minded people. This in turn has kept me motivated for a number of reasons. I’ve made some great friends and working relationships online. By speaking to these people on a regular basis, it helps keep me motivated to get done what needs to be done.

By engaging with people online, I am leaving myself somewhat open and creating an expectation. By announcing I am competing to those who follow me online, it puts pressure on myself to not disappoint them, or myself when I compete. I stick to my diet, and train harder, to ensure I can live up to my expectations.

There are numerous blogs and authors here at NCHPAD that you can follow for direction and motivation. By commenting on your favorite posts, and building a relationship with these authors, you will find that fitness, without even thinking about it, is becoming a larger part of your life.


Enjoy Your Food

Many people have a misconception that healthy eating, or following a muscle building diet is boring, tasteless, and expensive. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Your diet is what you make it. My bodybuilding diet doesn’t contain a single food that I don’t enjoy. If I don’t like a food, I don’t eat it. It’s as simple as that. This article gives some great information on the notion of  what is ‘clean eating’.

You can get muscle food discounted if you shop around for the right kinds of foods. Lean meats, eggs and high protein, low fat fairy sources aren’t as expensive as what you may think. Some protein powders also offer exceptional value for money, and can taste great, offering something different from a typical meal.


Set Short Term Goals

If you’re rehabilitating after an accident, and you set long term goals, it could be months before you’re accomplish them. You could lose motivation fast, as the result will seem too far away to envision. Instead, have your long term goal in the back of your mind, but have short term goals to keep you motivated. Use these as stepping stones to reach your overarching goal. Some short term actionable examples would be:

* Set a short term goal to be accomplished by a shorter time frame. Use days and weeks instead of months.

* Accomplish a task in shorter time increments.

* Increase your task volume than previous. Add more to your plate as you progress.

* Set small measurable goals, like improving independence such as eating, changing, and bathing without assistance.


What Drives You?

No matter what your circumstances or reasons are for exercising, its important to stay on track. Resting is crucial to progression. However there is a fine line between resting, and skipping workouts. If you feel like you need the rest, then take it. This will benefit you in the long run. If you just want to skip your workout for no particular reason, then remember the above pointers to help keep you on track. More importantly however, remember why you started working out. The reason you started must surely be strong enough to keep you on point.

I’d love to hear what methods you use to help get motivated to keep on track with your fitness journey. You can let me know down in the comments below.


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Author: Adam Foster

  • bobl07

    What motivates me to continue exercising is the fear of not being able to play wheelchair sports effectively because I am out of shape.

  • http://CommutaVie.com Ed Auzenbergs

    Hi Adam, I appreciate how
    you boiled down the most important points into a simple post about motivation.

    My friends and I have been struggling with less
    than perfect commitment to healthy exercise and nutrition habits. We know
    they work. We know we can stick to them during some weeks. But, when we
    have to travel for work or get slammed with really busy weeks as corporate
    managers, we tend not to stay on track for the long term. I am going to keep
    researching to find more posts like yours that emphasize support, goals and the nutrition / exercise balance. These get tougher when I’m on the road for work.

    To help us stay motivated and keep our commitment going for a long time, do you have particular travel success stories you can point us

    Thanks so much. – Ed

  • bobl07

    Hi Adam. Thank you for your comments. I do a lot of traveling myself. What I do is take healthy snacks with me. I know that it can be tempting to eat out and get away from your routine, but I will take snack bars and dried fruit to eat when traveling. Also, if you want fresh items and have the ability to transport go to a farmers market and but items to snack on. You can store them in the hotel room refrigerator. Also, many hotels do have exercise areas so this can help you in sticking with your workout plan. Hope this helps.