Couch potato – NO MORE!

Jul 23, 2014
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Having a hard time motivating yourself to work out? I do all the time! I always find a barrier to exercising. My excuses range from; the gym is out of my way, I have no energy, I don’t have enough time… and the list could go on and on. Some days my head will come up with any lie to avoid working out. BUT there is a solution, that’s right- we can fix this!

Exercising in your home while watching TV!!! Grab a Swiss ball or a Bosu and have some fun while you exercise. Something as simple as sitting on the Swiss ball or Bosu while watching TV is good for working on your posture and activating those core muscles while sitting there. Doesn’t this sound great already?!

Also, in between your show when commercials come on you can do different exercises like hamstring tucks, bicept stretches, glute planks, tricept stretches, and glute drops. You can literally Google “exercise on Swiss Ball” or a Bosu and the options are endless! You could have yourself a good workout while in the comfort of your own home and have some fun doing it.

Also, something as simple as going on a short, brisk 30 minute walk or push can go a long way. Think about it- in that 30 minutes time that you are walking/pushing and getting exercise others are sitting on the couch instead, eating popcorn and feeling pretty terrible!

As much as I love to make up excuses and avoid exercise, it doesn’t have to be as hard of a task as we seem to make it. Even grabbing some friends and learning to play tennis or wheelchair basketball or taking your dog to the park can be great exercise! Getting in shape and staying healthy could be so much fun if we make it. Exercise is honestly a mind game we constantly play in our own heads. BUT don’t let you talk yourself out of getting gorgeous! Mind over matter, you can do it. Pop in a good movie and every time the word “the” is said, do 5 hamstring tucks or wheelchair push-ups! Get creative and get moving. Who needs the gym with boring machines and while walls when you can make it interesting. Don’t wait for tomorrow, the fun can start today. Give it a try and reply… let me know how it goes?

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Author: Mica Drigger

  • bobl07

    I know it’s middle of week but now is the time to push through the fatigue and start doing moving or exercising. Go for it!