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Jun 26, 2014
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A physical disability refers to a limitation on a person’s physical functioning. These disabilities can cause a person to have many obstacles throughout a single day. Many people who have physical disabilities such as paraplegia believe that physical activity and recreational sports are not possible. This is where people are wrong.

There are many different sports that are played from a wheelchair such as: basketball, soccer, racing, rugby, fencing, hockey, curling, netball, football, dancing, and tennis. Each of these wheelchair sports has tournaments and even Olympic events. These Wheelchair Olympic events are modeled off the actual Olympics. These are the Paralympic Games, where the best athletes from all over the world come to one location to compete for a gold medal.

Due to the fact that I am a college golfer, I believe that the Wheelchair Sports Federation should introduce golf into their long list of competitive sports. I first saw a person who was unable to use his legs play golf about 8 years ago and since then have only seen two other people play the same way. I remember as if it were yesterday. I was hitting golf balls on the driving range when I saw a man in a custom golf cart that looked much like a car. This intrigued me. He was strapped in as if the cart could go 100 miles per hour. His clubs were riding on the front of the cart. As he pulled up the first tee, he hit a lever that spun his seat around. He dropped a ball, grabbed a club, and swung as hard as he could. He blistered the fairway with about a 200-yard drive. At the time I could only hit it about 230 yards, which is not very far when compared to a person who cannot use their lower body. Witnessing a man with no lower body capability hit a golf ball, which requires a great deal of lower body power and rotation, was truly inspiring. Golf is known as a gentleman’s game not because mostly men play the sport, but because the nature of the game presents such gentleman like qualities.

These qualities allow a young person to develop into a man and help and old man to develop into a wise man. I know this first hand. I started golf at the age of ten, where I was an immature little kid who would always argue with his parents. Eleven years later, I look at myself as a mature young man whose outlook on life was influenced mostly by golf. I say this because golf requires patients, which is also an important virtue in life. For example when playing golf you must take one shot at a time, which strongly relates to taking one day at a time. Once a person stops taking one shot at a time, a bad golf shot is almost guaranteed. When a person begins to focus on the future, he or she is almost destine to make bad decisions in the present. Without golf I would definitely be a person who looks into the future, rather than living in the present time.

Due to all of what I believe to be positive attributes I have obtained through golf, it is sad to think that the sport is played mostly by people who are so called “healthy”.

Author: Zachary Hughes