The Real Triple Crown

Jun 11, 2014
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Here is something out of the gate sport fans: Wealthy owner makes controversial public statements. I know we have heard this all before from a certain owner from the west coast. But just in case you missed this episode of how to make obnoxious comments, I give you Mr. Steve Coburn who compared a horse race loss to playing basketball against a kid in a wheelchair.

Thank you sports world for giving disability a national spotlight. This is not what we had in mind but we will take it from here since you want to include us. Nothing about us without us right? I am sure we are all familiar with the comments that California Chrome owner Steve Coburn made at this past Saturday’s Belmont Stakes horse race, but just in case your not I’ll take you down the final stretch. In when assessing his competitors that beat his horse he called them cheaters. He would go on to say that because these other horses did not run other races, his horse had an unfair advantage, which is why his horse lost. He would go on to compare this issue to him being 6’2’’ playing basketball against a kid in a wheelchair.

First of all, it’s interesting that he made these comments on the NBC network in which the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games were televised in our country this past February. It seems he might have missed the historic and thrilling US sled hockey team winning the gold medal.

Secondly, how sad when trying talk about an unfair advantage he would instantly insert a kid that uses a wheelchair. I guess he feels using a wheelchair is an unfair and a terrible position to have in life. Not to mention he implies to actually play against someone in a wheelchair would be an unfair advantage. Now how would this be unfair Mr. Coburn? Is it because a kid with a disability has to use a wheelchair to play basketball? If that’s the case, I don’t see you beating one on one Abraham Hausman-Weiss, Rose Hollermann, or Brain Bell and Jeremy Campbell when they were fourteen years old. It is very obvious Mr. Coburn has not seen our junior athletes play wheelchair basketball. I would even have him try to go one on one with prep athletes Collin Lancaster or Eric Francis. I would give 30-1 odds for our prep ballers over Mr. Coburn. Now who has the unfair advantage?

At the end of day, I know Mr. Coburn has sincerely apologized for his actions. I know our country will accept his apology, as do I. However, it would truly be a historical moment in our state, country and world when disability doesn’t automatically conjure up comparisons to tragedy, unfairness, or any other word that carries negative connotations. Now, that would be the real triple-crown winner.


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Author: Bob Lujano