Married to the Chair-Just plain Busy!

May 29, 2014
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Well track season is here once again which means- I’m busy. My students say that they are busy as they complain about the number of projects I have given them, and I just laugh because I only wish I was as “busy” as I was when I was in college. Kinda like I wish I was as “fat” as I thought I was in college too! But when I say I’m busy now days it’s at a whole new level As in so busy we haven’t had time to go to the grocery store which means two things. 1. Food is a scarce commodity around me… I have resorted to stalking coworkers with birthday cakes literally following them down the halls just so I can steal a bite and call it “lunch” 2. There is a severe lack of toilet paper in our house – and by that of course I mean that there is none. I found myself rationing my trips to the bathroom as we neared our last few precious squares and then when I got to work I felt like a thief hiding its goods as I walked out of the women’s restroom with an extra roll and immediately stuffed it in my bag knowing that there was no time in the near future when we would get to go to a store and the last square was GONE. I mean that’s panic mode right there, and in that moment that stolen roll of TP was better than any Christmas bonus I have ever received. On top of all that there is an unidentified odor coming from the back seat of my truck. The same seat that has become my second home and is covered under a couple layers of “stuff.” To be honest I’m a little afraid to find out what that smell is because there’s really no telling. And then there is our yard. If our dog laid down you probably wouldn’t be able to find him the grass is so high. But on the flip side the weeds are so long they’ve turned into “flowers” so it’s like we have our own little wild flower garden growing in our back yard.

trak2014  I don’t know how people stay this busy all the time. It’s wearing me out! When I get home at night all I want to do is crawl into bed but I can’t cause its finals week and grades are due so I am stuck grading papers at every free second of my day. Just so you can get a clear picture of what I mean by “busy” (and because it makes me feel a little more justified when I put it in writing) here’s an average Tuesday: I roll out of bed at 4:35 –don’t judge, those five extra minutes are sacred! I’m at work by 5:20 to open the doors. At 1:00 I head over to the University to teach till 3:00 when I have to sprint back to work to run the rockwall from 3-5. At 5 I head to track practice which usually goes till about 7:00. I have never understood people who say “oh I just didn’t have time to eat lunch” or “I was just too busy to eat today” until NOW. At 7:00 the hubs heads to archery practice and I head home to put dinner in the oven. While dinner is cooking and I’m waiting on the hubs I am grading papers… while eating dinner I grade more papers. Then I hop in the shower and then into bed and grade a few more papers till I just can’t keep my eyes open any more. Wednesday is my “recovery” day which means I feel like the walking dead through most of the day and then muster up enough energy to get a workout in for my new, “ it’ll be fun to lift weights” kick. I am currently in my second week of that kick and as I write this on a Friday I still can’t extend my arms all the way out… it looks pretty funny when you are walking around with your arms at an awkward 100 degree angle at all times even when you are “reaching” for something. I fear when I get to our track meet this weekend people might think “she’s not only the track coach but a qualifying member as well.”

            But as I said its finals week which means the madness is about to come to an end. As soon as I turn in those grades I will get to mow the yard, clean my bedroom, or identify the odor in the backbonfun seat… well, maybe not. As we have flown through the end of the school year the hubs and I have celebrated another year together and he watched another year go by in his chair. Next year will make a decade in his chair. We’ll have to “celebrate” somehow but how do you celebrate ten years of life in a chair? Figure out a way to help him pee standing up just one more time? I don’t know, but I do know that I don’t want life to be so busy that it all just passes us by and we don’t have time to stop and enjoy it. As the Bible says in Ecclesiastes 3 “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens”. I want to be able to take the time to enjoy every activity that God has for me. So right now I will enjoy the time (busy as it may be) with the kiddos He’s put me with in track and maybe tomorrow I’ll get to go to the grocery store to get some more TP!

Author: Kelly Bonner

  • bobl07

    Sounds like there is never a dull moment for you and Raymond. keep up the good work. You both make a dynamic duo and I’m glad our kids have you in their life.

  • Sunshizzle

    how did finals go???