Manage diabetes for healthy living

May 20, 2014
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Being diagnosed with diabetes is very difficult for the patient and his family as it is a lifelong disease. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which there are elevated blood glucose levels due to insulin malfunctioning. Insulin is a vital hormone released by the pancreas that allows the entry of sugar into the blood cells. It regulates fat and carbohydrate metabolism in the body. Any problem in its effective release results in…this condition. Life gets completely changed for a diabetic patient as it becomes center of their existence. Learning to live with diabetes is a rough transition. It is very hard for the patient and his family to cope with the disease. It is pretty much important to understand the nature and other relevant intricacies of the disease. For that, patient and his family should be well aware of the types of the disease.

Diabetes are classified mainly into two types i.e. type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

The former one is also known as insulin dependent diabetes mellitus or juvenile diabetes in which there is no generation of insulin in the body. The basic reason behind this condition is production of antibodies against insulin and causes their destruction. It can occur at any age but mostly it happens in the childhood and adolescence. The latter one is type 2 and is most commonly seen in people. In this, there is insulin resistance or insufficient production of it which causes increased blood sugar levels in the body. Increased urination, thirst, appetite, and unexplained weight loss are the few symptoms which should not be ignored.

The treatment and management of diabetes aims to keep control over blood glucose levels. It also includes promotion of normal growth and development, achieving healthy weight along with normal lipid levels. This all requires a lot of hard work, patience and self discipline. Every morning, patient needs to draw up insulin in a syringe, take insulin shots, test blood glucose levels regularly and count on things that he is eating. But with pace of time, it becomes a matter of daily routine for the patient and his family as well. Along with this, regular check up with your physician and proper medication is required.

Various oral antidiabetic medicines are present in the market. Glucobay is an effective medicine which effectively keeps control over blood glucose levels. It contains “Acarbose” that stops the action of an enzyme alpha glucosidase. This enzyme splits the starch and disaccharides to sugar or glucose. Glucobay 100 mg slows the carbohydrate absorption and lowers the elevated sugar levels in the body. It is taken in between the meals as there are higher chances of rising blood sugar levels in the body after having meal. Read more: World Diabetes Day

Author: Todd Kosher