How To Battle Despair

Apr 02, 2014
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The Grocery store next door she visited so frequently is a far away dream for her now. The high school prom dress she was so excitedly talking about to her girlfriends had lost all its charm. What happened to this seventeen year old, vivacious girl full of love, laughter and lure for life? Not so long ago, a man too drunk to drive rammed his car against her bike. What followed were the most vivid and dreadful moments she had ever experienced.

Unbearable pain, a pool of blood, being taken in a stretcher, flashing lights blinding her and then…it all became dark.  Losing your independence, your means to move around, and your ability to be active has been compromised. It’s tragic, it’s unfair, and when it happens at the tender age of seventeen, without any fault of yours, despair takes on a whole new meaning.

If you or anyone you know has been in this situation as this girl, seek to find a person that can provide friendship. Find that source of support to stand by you to push you to face those rough moments. Hopefully, this person becomes a voice that says keep your head up!

Look Forward to Life

An accident that results in an amputation or a paralysis is undeniably painful especially if you did not do anything to deserve this. But what now?  Time does not stop. You cannot stay frozen at the spot of the accident. Take a time to reflect but move on. Look ahead to lead a healthy active life. Look to find a fitness facility or an exercise group to keep you physically active. Not to mention it’s an opportunity to make new friends. Plus, you get the chance to exercise. You only have one body. It’s your responsibility to keep it healthy. Talk about your experiences to your new friends. Write them down if you are feeling overwhelmed. Don’t close the door to communication or a healthy active lifestyle.

Have a Goal

Clarity, focus, faith, and ambition are your biggest weapons against despair. Don’t ever give up on your goals. Life has jolted you but not broken you. Motivation, encouragement, and support will be there for you in plenty. Seek out and work towards your goals. So, you wanted to become an athlete! What is stopping you now? If you are patient, you will achieve your dreams in ways you could have never imagined. Search for those avenues for active participation. There are options such as wheelchair sports, coaching, and sports advocacy. Work hard and strive to be a competitive athlete, a coach or a mentor for your community and/or sport of choice. A positive attitude and an active lifestyle should be the driving force that empowers all your life endeavors.

Be Practical and Make Informed Decisions

Besides the emotional anguish you will endure, there will be financial challenges you will be facing due to this accident. However, know that you can be compensated. Seek appropriate legal counsel to discuss legal options. As difficult as legal action can be keep a firm head on your shoulders and stay close to your family.

Finally, know that there will be light at the end of this despair. There will be new lessons learned, new friends made, and some true bonds made stronger. You will be a shining light through life’s despair. So, who wants to get rid of despair?

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  • bobl07

    We all face some despair in life. But it’s the struggle that makes life worth living. Keep the faith. Don’t be afraid to pray. It does change things.