Why I Have I Hard Time Relating to The Winter Olympics

Feb 20, 2014
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I love Olympic seasons, they only come around every two years and you get to see the best of the best from so many different places come together for the love of the game. When the summer games are on, you’ll frequently find my TV on whatever channel happens to be airing the games and I’ll stay up late to see an event finish. With all the excitment from London still feeling a bit fresh to me, I find myself having a hard time relating to the winter games. I went to a brewery with some friends to watch the opening ceremonies of the Sochi games (as I did for London) and the atmosphere certainly lacked the excitement that permeated the room for the London summer games. When the USA walked out there were a few cheers, but it was far from the prolonged “USA! USA!” chant from the summer ceremony. So why is it that the winter games don’t get the same excitement?

I think there are two main reasons. First, the witner games are just smaller. There are fewer sports and fewer athletes. Second, the sports just aren’t as relatable.

What do I mean by relatable? Here’s an example. If I’m watching track, I know how it feels to run, I have even raced a few times. Watching swimming? I’ve been in swim races, Gymanstics? I’ve spun a cartwheel or two. But downhill skiing? Snowboard cross? Luge? Other than a few recreational downhill ski adventures (where I never hit more than 10 mph speed) I don’t really know what it’s like to ski that fast (nor would I want to) and the other sports seem so exclusive and elusive I just can’t relate.

I still enjoy watching the winter games, and I have watched a few cross-country races because my Mom cross-country skis, but I just don’t have the same connection as I do for the summer games.

What do you think? Do you relate more to the summer games, too? Or is the extreme-sport winter weather more your style?

Author: Susan Silverman

  • bobl07

    I think my biggest attraction to the games, whether winter or summer, is just seeing the best athletes are country has compete against the rest of the world. It’s not very often we see our country compete. In regards to summer and winter, I too, am a little partial to watching summer games, but that’s only because I competed in the Summer Paralympics. My up-bring also very much included swimming and summer type sports. Either way, I am just happen to see our country in the Olympics and Paralympics, which start March 8th. Go USA!

  • Susan Silverman

    I agree! I’m so glad that I’ll finally get a chance to see an entire sled hockey game instead of just clips. Go USA!