New Year’s Resolution?

Jan 13, 2014
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I know it’s that time again when we all promise to become more healthy and active. Right? Oh, here we go again. The sad thing about a new year’s resolution is that it is here today and gone by tomorrow. Unfortunately, the added holiday baggage is still there. If you have to tell yourself to start becoming more healthy and active, it’s a pretty good chance that you have not been for a while. I don’t just mean over the holidays.

Leading a healthy active lifestyle is not just a flash in the pan act. Or a momentary fad that everyone does once in a while. It is a complete change of mindset and lifestyle that is reflected in daily activities no matter the time of the year. Yes, during the holidays we all get our schedules changed when we travel and are not working. We indulge in more eating and drinking during the holidays then what we normally do. However, a person that has a healthy active mind will not have to make a resolution. They will just get back to leading the healthy life that they temporary left.

In regards to those of us who completely abandon their discipline during the holidays, just remember that as easy as it was to put on the weight, the more difficult it will be to take it off. However, it can be taken off. Unfortunately, for those who do not lead a healthy active lifestyle. The holidays can be fun now, but not so fun later on in life.

It is never too late to change your mind. It is never too late to realize that leading a healthy active lifestyle can only benefit you and your family. It can only benefit you with your job, school, and relationships. It first starts with you realizing that it has to be done. That commitment to exercise is not a search for the Holy Grail that is never realized. It is a daily joyous routine that is rewarding on that day and for many years down the road.

Many will ask how I do start. Please start with your diet. This is the most important start to making a lifestyle change. However, it is only the beginning. Please look to start doing any type of cardiovascular exercise. It can be pushing your wheelchair, walking, jogging, swimming, or biking. Any one of these activities must be performed for 30 minutes to elevate your heart rate. Eventually, weight training will be needed to maintain or build strength.

At the end of the day, you have one body that is your responsibility. Please do not let this opportunity pass.  If you truly want to make a resolution, then resolve to never stop leading a healthy active lifestyle. Then it truly will be a happy holiday.   Are you back to your exercise routine?

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Author: Bob Lujano

  • bobl07

    Resolve to never have a New Year’s resolution. It is only a reality if you make it happen. It only happens if you believe that it will work. Thoughts?