Six Gadgets to help keep Elders Safe

Jan 08, 2014
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The modern world can be dangerous for today’s senior citizens. With so much traffic, technology and constant change, seniors need ways to stay protected from predators and scam artists while also protecting their own health. Families can use these six gadgets to keep elders safe while helping them maintain their independence as much as possible.

Mobile Phone

A mobile phone is a great device for a senior citizen to have on hand at all times, whether or not they are at home. A mobile phone, or cell phone, is necessary for calling emergency service personnel and for keeping in touch with family members. The beauty of this type of phone is that it can be easily carried in one’s purse or pocket. One should be certain to choose a mobile plan that has the best reception possible in the user’s area in order to decrease the chance of dropped calls and no service during important times.


Panic Button or Safety Alert Bracelet

Although a mobile phone can be used similarly to a safety alert bracelet, a panic button or alert bracelet is still a good idea for seniors who suffer from health conditions such as heart disease, seizures or decreased mobility. If the senior presses the button, a certain set of predetermined numbers will receive a phone call indicating that the individual is in distress. An ambulance can also be called this way. Some alert bracelets are even more advanced than this and will notify an individual if the senior has fallen even if he does not press the button himself.


Home Security Systems

A home security system protects seniors from prowlers and burglars. A security system can be as simplistic or as detailed as an individual desires. One can choose to have only doors and windows monitored or can also install motion sensor cameras throughout the home. If the system is triggered, the security company will immediately notify law enforcement personnel. In addition, some security cameras can be monitored by using any web browser. This allows family members to monitor their loved one’s safety at any time.


Laptop with Webcam6494737751_d544b1b10a_m

A laptop is a great way for seniors to keep in touch with family and friends. A laptop does not take up much space and can be programmed simplistically even for seniors who are not familiar with the internet. Simply having a connection to an email account and to Skype can be beneficial. Of course, seniors who want to use Skype to video chat with their families will need to have a webcam connected to their laptop. Video chatting provides a way for family members to notice if anything seems to be different with their loved one’s health. Seniors also appreciate seeing their family, especially if they live a significant distance from each other.



A GPS, or a global positioning system, is perfect for seniors who continue to drive. Some seniors find that they have difficulty finding their way around town, particularly with traffic increasing in so many cities today. A GPS can be attached to a dashboard or windshield in order to display directions to the chosen location clearly. However, the best option may be a GPS device that provides oral directions, thereby decreasing the need for the individual to direct his attention away from the road.


7007698142_d1b3134031Video Intercom

A video intercom can allow a senior to see who is at the doors and to communicate with visitors before letting them in the house. An example of one can be seen at This device is great for protecting seniors from predators. Many of these intercoms allow for night vision, producing a clear image of the visitor on a video screen in the house whether it is day or night.

A person’s health and safety is at stake as he grows older. These six gadgets offer a brief look at today’s amazing technology that can help keep elders safe while at home or away from home. Choosing even one or two of these options can help ensure the individual’s safety and can create a strong sense of security for the individual and his family members.


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