There’s No One Around To Participate

Nov 22, 2013
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For as long as I’ve been involved in adapted sports, there has been a struggle to find those who will participate. I am often told by people I approach at local gyms, schools, and parks that there are not people with disabilities around to participate. The classic line is “I’ve never seen anyone with a disability around.” That statement is probably true, but it is probably true that people with disabilities don’t show up because nothing is being offered in which they can participate.

Recently, we’ve found a way to bring out the people with disabilities, even if they didn’t know they would qualify to play adapted sports. We started playing adapted sports and inviting just anyone that wanted to try it out. On our first night, we found 2 people that qualify for adapted sports. These women would not have realized they can compete in wheelchair basketball, and would not be competing without the event that introduced them to the sport.

I would challenge anyone that thinks the participants aren’t there for adapted sport to just try it. Host an event for adapted sports, actually promote it to the area, make it open to everyone, and find out there are people who qualify and will show up, if they’re just given the opportunity.

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Author: Jared Rehm