Married to the chair – Just wait for it.

Nov 18, 2013
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It’s fall here in Alabama and every year I wait for these two trees at work to put on their party dresses and turn the most brilliant shade of red! Fall is by far my favorite time of year. Growing up in Miami I really didn’t get to experience what fall was all about; I mean palm trees don’t exactly change colors when October rolls around. So now every year I anxiously await the changing of the colors, and this year my two trees were slow to show. All the other leaves had changed and were starting to fall to the ground but not my two trees; they were just barely starting to turn. So every morning I would drive in to work to see if today would be the day they shined. And FINALLY after all the other trees had turned and I began to think that my two trees just weren’t going to show off this year- they did! So of course it got me thinking. Every year I give God the props for the beauty He created and those two gorgeous trees that just love to show off His handiwork. So why would I even doubt that their party dresses would eventually come out, which was a perfect reminder of LIFE this fall as well.
Recently what started as a “honey do” list that I had for my husband has turned into a whole lot more, so much so that we decided to have a booth at a fall festival to sell some of the items. But first we had to get accepted. It was a rather tedious process that involved submitting your booth request along with a ton of photos showing that you made the stuff yourself, what it was you were going to sell, and a photo of your booth (of which we didn’t have). So as if our life wasn’t busy enough we set to work. You know most people take their lunches to work in a Wal-Mart or Publix bag… but not I, for me it was the Lowes or Hobby Lobby bag because I couldn’t tell you the last time I had been to the grocery store but Lowe’s and Hobby Lobby had become almost daily occurrences.

The night before submissions were due we were in the back yard setting up our “booth” until it got to be so dark we realized we would have to just do it all again in the morning before work when the sun was up. We made the submission dead line in time. Then we played the waiting game… did we get in or not. Now I’m not going to lie… it was our first time and I didn’t know how competitive these things are so you can be sure I played the wheelchair card and included the wheelchair in every photo I could! I mean who wouldn’t give a booth to the guy in the chair… or at least that’s what I was hoping! And it must have paid off because two weeks before show time we got the acceptance letter! WAIT! Did I just say TWO WEEKS? Yes, we had to go from having almost no product line to having everything COMPLETED in just two weeks… and how do you know how much to make of one thing, or what will sell or what won’t? Needless to say my husband set to work on making all the merchandise. It was during these two weeks that I learned we operate on completely opposite ends of the spectrum. I am the farthest thing from a procrastinator. I don’t like having things on my “to do” list that I haven’t checked off. The faster I can get them done the better. For my husband… not so much! He being ever the optimist kept saying he had plenty of time to get it all done. Every day that the event got closer the higher my blood pressure got, there were still so many things on the “to do” list. Eventually, I learned to keep my hysterics to myself because they weren’t exactly helping the production time… or our relationship. And at around 11:00 the night before the event, much to his credit, everything was done!redtree

Early the next morning we loaded up the stuff and set off to our very first festival as a vendor. Who would have ever thought the chic from Miami and my manly man husband would ever be a vender in a craft fair? We had combed Google and Pinterest on all things booth related; how to increase traffic at your booth, how to set up, etc. So we took their advice, set up our booth, and thought for first timers we didn’t do too badly. Then the festival doors opened and literally thousands of people flooded through over the next three days. Person after person would walk by the booth, stop and comment on how much they loved this or that, stare at it and touch it for inordinately long periods of time, and then just walk away. My heart couldn’t take it; the constant anticipation of a sale and then defeat as they walked away time after time, day after day, was exhausting. At the end, sales really hadn’t been that good, much lower in fact than we had anticipated. My husband had finally found something he enjoyed doing and was able to do and I for one was completely disappointed that it seemed like a flop. My husband on the other hand (as I said earlier- ever the optimist) was hardly dismayed; in fact he was almost excited and promptly signed us up for the next one. So here we go- round two… only this time it was about 20 degrees colder and my anxiety level was much lower! This time it was only 10:30 the night before when he finished up with everything he had to do and we felt more confident about what we were doing. I was also prepared for the masses of people to stop by tell us they loved it and walk away. But this time they didn’t all walk away. Girls called their friends over to come look at a piece, daughters called their moms, and most impressively husbands called their wives over to come look at something my husband had made. Now when’s the last time you saw a husband call their wife over to look at something at a craft fair… and then just like my two trees who eventually brought out their party dresses – things began to sell! By the end of weekend number two we had sold enough to cover all of our expenses and then some. All of his hard work had paid off! We were beginning to see the fruit of his labor.

Throughout the weekend we had gotten to know our neighbors and found out they, too, were rooting for my husband to succeed. The owner had even mentioned to other vendors that she was glad he was back and wanted him to do well. We were just one booth out of hundreds, she certainly didn’t have to care and neither did the other vendors around us but they did. One even came over celebrating when she saw that one of our bigger items was being wheeled away by the buyer. All of our new neighbors gave their advice and well wishes and seemed to be genuinely happy for us when things started to sell. The name of our booth/ company is Rebuilt Kreations which has a couple of meanings. For one, a lot of the items he makes takes old pallets and turns them into something new. Second, my husband himself is a rebuilt creation, he isn’t who he was when he could walk, he has rebuilt his life. The first letters of the name mimic the letters of our first names. And finally we are both Rebuilt Creations in Christ. There’s a verse in the Bible that says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” So as I celebrate the evidence of fall all around me, particularly through my two trees, I am reminded that sometimes you just have to wait for it. And just as the leaves turn colors and then fade away those are both signs of the new growth… the new creation that’s coming. The same is true for us. With that first show it was hard for me to see past the defeat, to believe that good was still coming. But sometimes you just have to wait for it.

Author: Kelly Bonner

  • Heather

    Amen Kelly! Love it! So excited to hear that things sold. Great word needed to hear by all! We are New In Him. Woohoo!